2020 NCAA football season: Ruined by Covid-19?

  While many people are still thinking of summer activities and hoping for some normalcy as businesses begin to reopen, some of us are already looking forward to fall. As in the college football season. As someone who lives in the heart of SEC country,...

Patients are being “murdered,” NYC nurse says

A nurse who is working amid COVID-19 patients in a New York City hospital says some patients aren’t dying from the virus, but from medical mismanagement and alleges some patients are being “murdered.” The nurse, a Nevada resident, traveled to New York to offer help...

Review writing, one star across woman's sweater

Review writing: Lay off the yelp, Karen.

It doesn’t matter if we’re debating on what restaurant we go to, if we’re making a big purchase, or if I’m eyeballing that dress on my Amazon wish list for the 100th time. I always read reviews. I don’t just look at the number of...

COVID-19 death numbers: Are they being skewed?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has many people shaking their heads and wondering if the CDC is skewing COVID-19 death numbers. Exactly how many people have died from COVID-19 in the United States? The numbers appear confusing, especially since some recent...

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Amy Tallmadge

The Happiness Press salutes love of all kinds!

The pandemic cannot stop love! That’s the lesson we can take from this past week, especially since many of us just celebrated Mother’s Day. Whether you were able to