body shaming, black woman in tiger print top and jeans

Stop body shaming with these body loving tips

It doesn’t seem to matter whether a person is 25 or 55, especially for women, there’s a lot of self-loathing and body shaming happening in our society. It’s terribly unfortunate that certain issues that should reflect beauty, wonder and joy in life with regard to...

the hype on hygge, dreary window

The hype on hygge

If you do a quick Pinterest search on the word Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) you will find many images of cozy socks, thick blankets, warm lighting, and roaring fireplaces. Hygge is commonly mistaken as an aesthetic or a specific style of home décor. While comfort items,...

First-time puppy parents: Tips and tricks for sucess

When you think of having a new puppy in the house, you may be occupied with the cuteness and overlook the work involved. Puppies are fun, loving, and great to have around for the whole family. But they also require a lot of time and...

Break-ins, burglar

Break-ins: Is your home an invitation for burglars?

Since the arrival of deadbolts around 1960, burglars have become more creative when planning break-ins. However, FBI Uniform Crime Reports show that more than a million U.S. residents fall victim to burglars each year. One in four homes has electronic security systems.  It typically includes...

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The Happiness Press - SCIENCE!
Amy Tallmadge

The Happiness Press: SCIENCE!

One of the greatest things humankind ever did was get interested in the world around them and how it works. Scientific advancement has helped people improve their lives, sometimes