thankful heart, silhouette of woman at sunrise

A thankful heart is a joyful heart

Gratitude and joy go hand in hand. There’s an inseparable connection between thankfulness and joyfulness. A thankful heart is a joyful heart. It’s a good idea to conduct a self-review from time to time. Not only should we think about our attitude in terms of...

Gorilla dust cloud, en route to Gulf

Gorilla Dust Cloud over Gulf exacerbates COVID-19

The dust cloud that covers Arkansas, North Carolina, Texas and Florida exacerbates the existing health risks brought about by COVID-19.  Dubbed a Gorilla Dust Cloud, it measures 3,500 miles long. The massive cloud traveled 5,000 miles from its origin in the Sahara Desert. Reportedly, this...

Getting unstuck

The simple way to get unstuck

Full disclosure: this a brain dump. Raw, and minimally processed. I want to begin by saying I’m eternally thankful for the ability to write, and to write for The Hot Mess Press is extremely gratifying and a blessing. But, today, I just don’t feel like...

Father's Day, dad hugging child

Father’s Day gifts the dads in your life will love

This coming Sunday is a special holiday. If that made you scrinch your face and wonder what I’m talking about, you must be having a busy week. lol We’re counting down to Father’s Day, and if you’re still stuck as to what to get or...

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The Happiness Press Together we can
Amy Tallmadge

The Happiness Press: Together, we can!

We are still a world in crisis. With or without racism or a pandemic, that will likely never change. However, if we can learn anything from all the troubles