10 Ice cream flavors you’ll probably hate

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“Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” Those of us who grew up in the 60s and 70s recall this little jingle from our childhood. I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone who actually dislikes ice cream other than those who are lactose intolerant. In fact, many of the people I know who fit that category eat it anyway because they love it so much. What are your favorite ice cream flavors? (Author of post instantly begins daydreaming of her the “Cappuccino Crunch on a sugar cone” sold at the local mom and pop shop in her community.)

What about the WORST ice cream flavors you’ve ever tasted? (Author’s thoughts instantly switch to an absolutely disgusting “cake batter” scoop she tasted years ago, and just thinking of it makes her gag– again.) I suppose we should assume that certain flavors of ice cream are going to taste bad, like “bacon” or “limburger cheese” (both real flavors!). Then again, we like to think we’re being trendy or  living on the cutting edge when we try new things. If that’s  the case, then WHAM — we might be hit with unexpected disgustingness!

Would you try (or have you tried) these ice cream flavors?

ice cream flavors, hands holding cups and cones of ice cream
How nasty of a flavor are you willing to try?

The flavors included in the following list count among some of the worst ice cream flavors people say they’ve ever tasted:

  1. Peach: When I read that, I was like, “Peach? Really? Peach is one of the worst flavors?” until I finished reading the person’s description, which included details about a scoop of ice cream that was “grainy and crystal-y, tasting like fake milk with sidewalk chalk dumped into it.” Okay, yeah — well, now, I understand.
  2. Wasabi: Wow! I can’t imagine. I love wasabi peas, but I’m not sure I’d ever want to taste wasabi ice cream. I guess I might taste it, just to get the full effect, but I highly doubt I’d enjoy it. Does this sound like something you’d like?
  3. Chicken and waffle: I can barely even type this without gagging. This unique ice cream flavor reportedly includes (If you have a weak stomach, STOP reading right here and scroll on!) a chunk of chicken in it! Bllleeeccchhh!
  4. Garlic: I must say, I LOVE garlic. My husband, on the other hand, detests the aroma. I love the smell of it, the taste of it AND the super-duper healthful properties of it. Not sure I could even make it through a tasting of garlic-flavored ice cream though — YUCK.
  5. Lobster: This is “a thing” in Maine and apparently has “chunks” of the seafood delicacy throughout its creamy texture. Why? Just why would anyone?
  6. Corn on the cob: I just don’t get it. Here– allow me to serve you some ice cream that tastes like a summer picnic side dish. No thanks. I’ll pass.
  7. Cheetos: This strange flavor is comprised of vanilla and cheese ice cream that has been dipped in Cheetos “dust” — ew.
  8. Nozawana: This ranks among worst ice cream flavors in Nagano where vendors outside a temple sell treats and snacks made from indigenous plants. Nozawana is a green vegetable that has a pungent odor and taste (and tough consistency) similar to turnips. Who learns that and then says, “Double scoop, please!” ???
  9. Horsemeat: Let’s just say that I’m super glad at this moment that I do not live in Japan.
  10. Creole Tomato: No. Just, NO.

From a business standpoint, I simply don’t see the logic in marketing something that will ultimately wind up ranking among the worst ice cream flavors in the world. Then again, since the purpose of marketing is to sell and generate profit, I suppose vendors who promote these flavors are winning because LOTS of people buy the products just so they can say they tried them.

If the worst ice cream flavors sell, then why not?

containers filled with colored ice cream
As long as customers buy it, they sell it!

It doesn’t matter if customers take one bite, gag, spit it out and toss the rest of the cone into the garbage, although one could argue against the wastefulness of it all. I guess business owners notice the fact that patrons are buying, and that’s the bottom-line booster they’re looking for in a product.

What are the worst ice cream flavors you’ve ever tasted?


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