12 things an ice cube can do that don’t involve something in a glass

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This is one of those articles about how ordinary things can be used for extraordinary purposes. We’ve all tried household hacks that only work on paper, but what I’m about to share works. Who knows, like me, you might find some of these ice cube hacks useful.

Add an ice cube when reheating rice

Rice reheat

Do you avoid reheating leftover rice in the microwave because it goes dry? Here’s the cure. After putting the rice in a microwavable container, prop an ice cube on the rice. The microwaves will melt the ice, providing just enough moisture to make the rice fluffy and moist again.

One ice cube can save a curdling sauce

Eggs Benedict

Have you ever tried to impress visitors with your perfect eggs Benedict for brunch, only to find the hollandaise sauce a perfect mess? As you mixed the egg yolks and butter, the whole lot curdled, causing embarrassment instead of pride. Never let that happen again; the solution is adding an ice cube to the sauce in the pan and stand back to watch the magic. Your sauce comes together perfectly, as silky as you intended.

An ice cube can elevate your salad dressing

Salad dressing and ice

Have you always wished you could get your own salad dressing as creamy and smooth as those you buy in bottles? Here’s how a single ice cube could elevate your homemade salad dressing to compete with the best. Use a jar with a lid and add the ingredients for your dressing. Pop in a single ice cube, seal the jar and do some vigorous shaking. Remove the ice cube and spoon out your smooth and creamy salad dressing. Have your answer ready because you are sure to have guests asking the brand of the salad dressing you buy.

Too much fat in your stew or soup?

Soup and ice cube in ladle

There is a quick solution to this problem. You’ll need a metal soup ladle for this one. Fill it with ice cubes and slowly skim the surface of the soup or stew with the bottom of the cold soup spoon. By the time you’re done, the fat would have solidified to the bottom of the ladle.

An ice cube can make the medicine go down

Girl hating medicine

Mary Poppins said a spoon full of sugar will make the medicine go down. That might be true, but here’s another option. Give your child an ice cube to suck on while you get the medicine and spoon ready. The coldness will numb the child’s taste buds just long enough to mask the awful taste of the medicine.

Ease the task of removing splinters

Ice Cube on splinter

How many times have you tried to remove a splinter from a child’s hand, just to have them pull away every time you get the needle close to the splinter? Make the process painless by numbing the area with an ice cube before trying to get to the splinter.

Stop a burn from causing a blister

Ice cube on burned hand

We have all accidentally touched a hot surface in the kitchen. Many remedies exist, but simply applying a piece of ice and holding it on the burn for a while will prevent a blister from forming.

Ice cube remedy for a wrinkled shirt

Ice Cube for wrinkled shirt

No time to re-wash a shirt to get rid of wrinkles? Try this hack. Warm up the iron and use an ice cube wrapped in a soft cloth to rub over the crease, follow with the hot iron immediately and abracadabra, no more wrinkles!

Have ice ready when you rearrange furniture

Rearrange furniture

Rearranging furniture usually leaves dents in the carpet when you move heavier pieces. A simple solution is to put an ice cube on each indentation and let it melt. Brush up the dents before they dry. When you’re done, carefully put the rest of the ice cubes in a glass, and add your choice of refreshment, sit back and enjoy!

How do you water hanging plants?

Hanging Plant

Instead of balancing on a step stool to water hard-to-reach plants, toss a handful of ice cubes into the pot. The slow melting of the ice will water the plant without the typical downpour through the drain hole when you pour water into the pot.

Planning DIY in the bathroom?

Bathroom DIY

Do you also get frustrated when you caulk the seems around the basin or bathtub, and the sticky compound adheres to your finger as you attempt to smooth the surface? If you use an ice cube instead of your finger to run over the caulk line, the seam will be perfectly smooth and professional.

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