2020 Holiday season: A different way to celebrate

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2020 Holiday season: A different way to celebrate - The Hot Mess Press

As the weather turns cooler and we move forward into fall, many people are already thinking about the 2020 holiday season. When the pandemic started, I think many of us were under the impression that things would be back to normal by the holidays. But some places are still under restrictions, there are food and product shortages, and on top of that, we’re now supposed to worry about a possible twindemic. The holiday season can be stressful under normal circumstances. But right now it seems that we may not be able to have a normal Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. While we may not be able to gather with extended family this year, there are other options. The 2020 holiday season may look a little different, but it can still be enjoyable.

Start planning now

If you do a lot of cooking or baking for the holidays, it’s important to start preparing now so you have everything you need. Stores have already been preparing with extra holiday foods like turkeys, hams, and baking supplies in efforts to prevent shortages. Plan out your menu and buy items ahead that can be frozen or stored. Current circumstances may also affect holiday travel plans. Driving, if possible, may be safer than flying. Plus, with flying restrictions in place, it could be difficult to find a flight. Special events may also be canceled or changed. Walt Disney World has already decided to alter its normal holiday celebrations and other parks are likely to do the same. So, if you’re planning a vacation during the holidays, you may have to find other activities. Check ahead before you travel so you know any regulations or schedule changes.

Get creative

Most of us have holiday traditions that make the season special. But this year, we may need to change those traditions or make new ones. Large gatherings with family and friends may not be safe. One option is to turn to virtual gatherings. You could do a Christmas morning Zoom call with extended family where everyone stays in their PJs to open gifts. If you enjoy baking and sharing treats with friends and family, set up a virtual cookie party. Have everyone bake a different type of treat, pack them up safely, and ship them out. Everyone can try their sweet treats while using a virtual messenger like Skype. These ideas may not be the normal way to celebrate, but this year has been anything but normal.

Changes in the shopping season

There are likely to be many changes in the way we shop for Christmas and other holidays this year. Many people will be doing a significantly higher amount of their shopping online. This means more competition, which can lead to better prices. But it can also mean high demand for popular products. If possible, it’s always a good idea to start your Christmas shopping early. Make a list of the people you want to buy gifts for and include gift ideas. Shopping online gives you the chance to compare and find the best price. But with so many more people shopping from home, delivery times may be longer than normal. Be sure to allow enough time for your gifts to arrive.

The holidays can be a stressful time under normal circumstances. But now we’re all dealing with deciding how to safely celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s difficult to give up holiday traditions, but this year may mean that we have to find new ways to enjoy the season. Be creative when finding ways to celebrate your favorite holidays. Hopefully, next year we can all return to our regularly scheduled holiday events.


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