2021: Where CNN gets caught using propaganda, and satire is more believable than mainstream news

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2021: Where CNN gets caught using propaganda and satire is more believable than mainstream news - The Hot Mess Press

Where do you go for reliable news? Many people follow mainstream news sources like CNN and other well-known networks.  Journalists at these networks used to take pride in telling people the truth. Now, the mainstream media has become unreliable. But some people still think the news doesn’t lie. Well, yes they do. They exaggerate and they write opinion as fact. They are also notoriously bad for leaving out important information that can completely change a story. Writing articles without proper context is another way they mislead people. Mainstream news sources ignore stories that don’t fit the approved agenda. Now, CNN has been caught admitting that they use propaganda for political gain.  Even satire news sites have some truth to them and at least they make you laugh. Here in 2021, you have to look beyond your popular news networks if you want the truth.

CNN gets caught using propaganda

People tend to have a strong opinion about CNN. To some, it’s a reliable news source. Others view CNN as completely untrustworthy.  It’s common knowledge that CNN often reports with a left-wing slant. Now, there are some legitimate reasons for people to distrust CNN. If you check out some of the recent videos at Project Veritas, you can see why CNN is unreliable. Project Veritas caught a CNN director on video admitting that the network engages in highly questionable behavior when it comes to their reporting. In fact, some of the admissions may lead to lawsuits against the network. The director admits to using propaganda to influence the 2020 election. He also goes into detail about ways the network uses manipulation to skew facts and influence public opinion. Distrust of CNN is nothing new. But, now there is plenty of evidence to show just how dishonest CNN really is.

Satire exposes hypocrisy

If you’re easily offended, you may not appreciate satire news stories like those from The Babylon Bee. They are known for posting controversial topics that many find upsetting. But this type of information actually serves a worthy purpose. It makes you think. There is almost always truth behind satire. Satire news sources expose the hypocrisy in the mainstream media. These stories often use hyperbole to exaggerate true stories and give them a comical slant. But when you consider many satire stories, they actually have some basis in truth. These stories are able to reach people through humor. And they are great for getting people to think for themselves and even research further to find the truth. So, while satire may be designed to get a laugh or two, it’s actually a great way to wake people up to the dishonesty that’s often seen in mainstream news sources.

In 2021 it’s hard to find reliable news sources. Mainstream networks tend to give information that follows a certain agenda. Now, CNN gets caught using propaganda. They admit to using manipulation tactics to influence the 2020 presidential election. Most mainstream media sources do this. We are now at the point where satire stories are more believable. At least they get people thinking. That’s what news sources should do. Their job is to provide the facts. Then the public can take that information, do the research, and form their own opinions. Imagine that.  A world where people actually think for themselves.

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