21 easy ways to substitute and limit calories after the holidays

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Tasty temptations are as much a part of the holidays as Christmas trees. Anyway, who can decline all the treats typically served at this time of the year? However, it is not all bad news. If you feel guilty about enjoying the eating part of the holidays more than what is good for you, you can fix it. Try these substitute tips to help you limit calorie intake in the aftermath without feeling cheated. In fact, you might even enjoy the challenge.

Substitute Sundae with Fresh Strawberries
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Substitute your Sundae with the fresh stuff

There is no need for cutting out sweet treats altogether. A serving of strawberry ice cream sundae has 267 calories. By having 250ml of fresh strawberries instead, you will consume only 110 calories. Furthermore, if you have a can of whipped cream handy, adding two tablespoons to your strawberries will add 14 calories. There, you’ve cut 153 calories right there!

Substitute light cream with milk

You can continue enjoying your coffee, and you don’t even have to take it black. Replacing the usual light cream, which contains 232 calories per 4 tablespoons, with the same amount of whole milk with 60 calories, every cuppa will shave off 172 calories. How many cups of coffee do you drink each day?

How to substitute a corn muffin for breakfast

Suppose your usual breakfast includes a corn muffin with 258 calories. In that case, you can go the lighter way by substituting the muffin with a 60-gram waffle made with buttermilk. Even with adding a tablespoon of canned whipped cream and a teaspoon of maple syrup (the pure stuff), your substitute breakfast will have only 185 calories — cutting 73 calories.

Poached eggs
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Do you also have eggs with your breakfast?

You may be surprised that frying 2 eggs in a tablespoon of butter add 250 calories to your breakfast while choosing poached eggs instead will add only 150 calories.

A substitute for pork bacon

Craving that smoky bacon flavor in the morning is not a problem. You can substitute the 224 calories in two thick slices of pork bacon with only 135 calories by having two thin turkey bacon slices.

Ham Sandwich
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A substitute idea for lunch

If you usually have a plain hamburger with 274 calories for lunch. How about a tastier and healthier choice. Use 85 grams of ham to make a delicious sandwich with 133 calories, and cut 141 calories.

Choose a smaller serving of fries

Don’t punish yourself by skipping fries with your lunch sandwich. Choosing a small order will have only 210 calories, while the usual super size has 540 calories! A saving of 330 calories!

Trim down your coleslaw

If you mix 450 grams of shredded carrots into a 250 ml bowl of coleslaw from your local deli, having 250 ml of this mixture instead will cut 100 calories.

Substitute fresh oranges
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Say “no” to a sweet treat after lunch

Instead of having 270 calories with a 250ml serving of orange sherbet, choose two juicy, chilled fresh oranges with only 130 calories. You’ll cut 140 calories right there.

To wash your lunch down

Be strong and pass your usual can of cola for a glass of ice-cold water. Essentially water has zero calories while a can of soda has 140.

Substitute Pecan with blueberry pie
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Do you have a sweet tooth?

If you usually crave something sweet in the late afternoon, skip a pecan pie slice and substitute it with blueberry pie. A piece equal to one-tenth of pecan pie has 400 calories, but the same size portion of the blueberry pie has only 300 calories.

How to cut calories for dinner

Let’s look at a few options.

Substitute your method of making a stir-fry

By merely using a tablespoon of olive oil to prepare a stir-fry with the same awesome flavors in a nonstick wok will cut your calories by half. Using another cooking oil in a wok of plain steel will contain 240 calories, while the healthier option has only 120 calories.

Substitute beef with salmon
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Substitute beef with salmon

If you are really hungry, look past the 170-g portion of beef tenderloin with 406 calories. Choose the same size of salmon steak, grill or broil it to give you only 310 calories. That’s a saving of almost 100 calories.

If your beef craving is too strong

Even if you can’t get yourself to decline a 100g beef steak, cut at least 100 calories by trimming off the visible fat.

Beef Stew
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You can even have a tasty stew on a cold evening

If you are used to having a knockwurst stew, substitute the wurst, with 209 calories per link with 110 calories provided by 120 ml of beef.

Do you need a pasta fix once a week?

No problem, as long as you substitute the meat sauce with tomato sauce. A 100g spaghetti serving with tomato sauce has 125 calories, compared to the 242 calories if you have your pasta with meat sauce. Equally enjoyable with 117 fewer calories.

How to reduce the calories in rice pilaf

500 ml of rice pilaf contains 400 calories. However, you can reduce the calorie intake by more than 200 if you add 500 ml of chopped veggies to 120 ml of rice pilaf.

Salad with hard boiled egg
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Do you fancy a bit of cheese in your salad?

Substitute the source of protein in your salad with one hard-boiled egg for every 55 grams of cheese. The calorie content will be 78 if you add the egg, while the cheesy version contains 200 calories.

Red wine in Glasses
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Drink wine with your meal

Did you know that two glasses of red wine, each 120 ml, have only 160 calories? Instead, having one 120 ml glass of extra-dry martini packs 254 calories. Quite a difference right there!

Substitute candy with Bananas
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Back to your sweet tooth again

If you find a handful, or 45 grams, of chocolate-coated peanuts irresistible later in the evening, be strong and instead have a large banana. In comparison, the banana has 114 calories, while the peanuts have 240 calories.

In conclusion

Cutting calories need not be a punishment. With a positive attitude and wise substitutions, you’ll change your food preferences in no time, and the difference could be remarkable.

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