3 money wasting habits that are hard on your wallet

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Given the current state of our economy, it would be difficult to find someone who is not interested in frugality, to some extent. Thanks to Joe Biden and his money-printing-inflation machine of an administration, prices keep soaring higher and higher. There’s not much we, the people can do to stop inflation. The government has to do that. We can, however, become more aware of the money wasting habits that might be emptying our wallets more than necessary.

You have to put food on your table and clothes on your back. Paying bills is a must, as well. There’s a lot of stuff happening in between all of that, however, that is unnecessary. In fact, it might even be frivolous in some cases. The sooner we stop wasting money, the better able to navigate these difficult economic times we will be.

Fast food is one of the biggest money wasting habits of all

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We could go on for days regarding the detrimental effects of fast food on human health. Besides being terrible for your health, driving through to grab a burger or fries and other on-the-go meals takes a heavy toll on your wallet. If you would track every cent that you spend on fast food for one month, you might be surprised. If saving money is your goal, try cooking at home more often. Cooking whole foods from scratch is not only a healthier way to eat, it can be far less costly than buying fast food all the time, as well. If grocery shopping and cooking at home will be a big change for you, here are a few money saving grocery tips to get you started.

Expensive car purchases are money wasting habits too

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Nice cars are just that – – nice. But, they are not necessary. When you shop for a new car, the salesperson is going to try to stick you for as a high of a price as possible. (Sorry, car salespeople. It’s just part of the job.) There are plenty of used cars that can serve the same purpose for less cost. What do you really need in a car? Everyone today could use a vehicle with better gas mileage, to be sure. Safety is also a primary concern, so buying a well-made car is a must.

What you don’t need, however, is the latest, greatest, top of the line, showroom model. It’s your choice. If that’s what you want, you can get it. Just consider how much money you can save if you buy a less expensive car, instead. Expensive vehicles are often key factors in consumers’ money wasting habits.

Designer clothing can really break the budget

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If you are purchasing name brand clothing off the rack, you are spending a LOT of money on clothes. When you want less money wasting habits in your life, try shopping for non-designer brands, instead. If you really want some name brand items (and who doesn’t?) try shopping at discount stores with designer brands for sale. Such items sometimes have tiny flaws. Most times, however, the imperfections are barely noticeable, if at all.

If you have a discount store, such as Ross or Gabe’s or Plato’s Closet where you live, start making it a habit to look for deals on brand named clothes. This goes for shoes, as well, especially athletic shoes! You might pay $150 for something off the rack when there’s a popular name on the tag. That same item might sell for $30 at a discount store. Give this type of shopping a try to say goodbye to money wasters! If you’d rather shop online or with a cell phone app, consider buying and selling on sites like Poshmark, which often feature designer brands for as much as 75% less than you’d find elsewhere.

Make smarter purchases and watch your wallet thicken

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Adjusting your spending habits is a good idea when the economy is crashing all around us. Saving a buck wherever you can is helpful. If you worry about substandard quality on less expensive products, consider conducting an experiment. Buy a few things that are not money wasters and test them out. Whether it’s a vehicle or food or a new outfit, if you learn where to look, you’ll still be able to have nice things. You’ll just also be able to have more money in your wallet than usual.

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