3 Old-fashioned Thanksgiving activities your family will love

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You may have noticed that people are yearning for days gone by. The past few years of political propaganda, personal rights violations and government corruption has been more than they can bear. If you’re yearning for simplicity and family time, the upcoming Thanksgiving season is a perfect time to make it happen. In spite of the turmoil of the past two years, there is always MUCH to be thankful for. This year, why not celebrate the holidays by turning back the hands of time, so to speak? This post features five ideas for old-fashioned Thanksgiving activities that your family is sure to enjoy.

Whether you live where temperatures are dropping by the day or in a place where it’s warm year ’round, Thanksgiving is a special time of year. Not only is it a time for giving thanks. It is also an opportunity to serve others. It’s a time to slow down and enjoy good food and the company of the ones you love. The simple ideas contained in this post can help you reach back into days of old to enjoy some of the old-fashioned Thanksgiving activities your ancestors may have cherished.

Include stories in your old-fashioned Thanksgiving activities

Louisa May Alcott is best known for her novel, ”Little Women.” However, she wrote many other books , as well, including one titled, ”An Old-fashioned Thanksgiving.” Reading this story aloud together is a great way to gather your family all in one place and share the comfort and coziness of your home. You might want to make some special snacks for your story time. If it is chilly in the evenings where you live, you can read your story by a campfire outdoors, or, by the fireplace, if you have one.

Additional stories that are great for a Thanksgiving read aloud, include ”Thanksgiving Time,” which is an essay that was written by Laura Ingalls Wilder (of Little House on the Prairie fame!), as well as, ”Run, Turkey, Run!” by Diane Mayr. This holiday is also often thought of as the kick-off of the Christmas season. Therefore, it would also be appropriate to include a few Christmas in your family read aloud time. Stories, such as ”Cole Family Christmas,” by Hazel Cole Kendle or ”The Long Winter,” by Laura Ingalls Wilder, are great choices.

Old-fashioned Thanksgiving activities are wonderful if there’s pie

Why not have an old-fashioned baking day together as a family? This is wonderful way to ring in the holiday season. Put some old time music on, set the mood with twinkle lights and gather everyone into the kitchen for some baking fun! Consider trying your hands at an apple pie from scratch. You might also like to try to make a few treats that were poplar long ago! For instance, your kids might love to make bread pudding or baked apples with raisins and walnuts!

It was common for the ladies and girls of the house to spend days baking and cooking and preparing for Thanksgiving. They didn’t always have much to put on the table. However, they still found ways to create a festive atmosphere and provide special treats and foods for their loved ones. This year, give your family a glimpse of what it was like long ago, when families worked and cooked and worshiped and played and rested alongside one another.

Make paper decorations together for Thanksgiving this year

Hobby Lobby is great. Who doesn’t love to wander through the aisles, looking at all of the craft supplies and gorgeous home decorations? For old-fashioned Thanksgiving activities, however, consider make your own paper decorations this year. You’ll need simple supplies, such as art paper, glue, glitter, markers, etc., and scissors, of course. You can make paper garlands out of autumn leaf shapes. The kids might also enjoy bringing in a few branches to place in a vase, then cutting out paper leaves to keep in a bowl nearby. Make sure there are a few pens there, as well.

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, invite everyone to write what they are thankful for on a leaf and hang it on the little tree. By the time your are serving the turkey and stuffing, you will have a beautiful Tree of Thanks to decorate your home. Other paper decorations might include a paper chain to count down the days to Christmas. It’s also fun to make stand-up turkeys or pilgrim hats to use as name plates at the dinner table. What’s most special about creating paper decorations is the time you will spend together doing it!

Don’t forget to include the grand-kids, if you have any!

If you are blessed to be a grand-parent, you’ll want to include your grand-kids in your old-fashioned Thanksgiving activities! You can visit this post in our archives to for some wonderful ideas on creative ways to have fun with your grandchildren. Children love family traditions. They love laughter and the outdoors and spending time with their elders. They especially love to hear childhood stories about their parents! Make this Thanksgiving one to remember fondly by sharing old-fashioned Thanksgiving activities with the ones you love!


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