3 reasons to drink lemon ginger tea

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If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to improve your health, this post is for you! It is not meant to be medical advice of any kind, and The Hot Mess Press is not responsible for anything that happens if someone tries the ideas mentioned herein, and neither am I, as the author of this post. Consider these statements a disclaimer, before reading why you might want to start drinking lemon ginger tea, if it is not already a regular part of your beverage routine.

I think it is accurate to say that both lemons and ginger are acquired tastes, meaning many people don’t care for their flavors, initially, but learn to like them, after a while. Lemons are sour and ginger is rather bitter. Combined as a tea, however, they become a natural power house of good health. According to data, drinking lemon ginger tea may have several specific benefits.

Lemon ginger tea may be good for diabetics

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Diabetes has reached epidemic levels in our society. Drinking lemon ginger tea is believed to boost Zinc levels in the body. Zinc is a key factor toward insulin production. Ginger shows great promise for regulating blood sugar, as well. This root plant has also been known to boost weight loss, which is good for those whose diabetes is associated with obesity. Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C, folate, fiber and potassium, all of which are helpful in a diabetic diet.

Drinking lemon ginger tea can alleviate menstrual cramps

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Anyone who suffers from severe menstrual cramps might want to start sipping lemon ginger tea on a regular basis. It has properties that reduce inflammation, alleviate headache and rid the body of cramps associated with menstruation. To get cramps under control, it is recommended to drink three cups of this tea, per day. To get the best results, you might want to start drinking the tea a few days before your period begins.

Keep cold and flu away

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While both cold and flu are viruses that usually resolve themselves within three to seven days, it can be quite uncomfortable to have either illness. From headache and chills to fever, stuffy nose, sore throat or tummy upset, no one wants to be down for the count from a cold or influenza. You can add honey to lemon ginger tea, as well, which be especially soothing for a sore throat. Never EVER give honey to a child age 1 or younger!

Drinking lemon ginger tea is said to help relieve nausea, as well as alleviate congestion, which can be one of the worst parts of having a cold or flu. The vitamin C in the tea also boosts immunity. If you drink it on a regular basis, you might be able to avoid these viruses, altogether.

Ways to make lemon ginger tea

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You might prefer keeping things simple and quick when you make lemon ginger tea. In that case, just buy flavored tea bags at the store. If you don’t mind a little more work, try using fresh ginger root and lemon. For the ginger, you would break off a piece and smash it with a butter knife. You then place it in a kettle. Squeeze a lemon into the vessel, as well. You can drop the whole lemon slice in, after you squeeze it. Pour some water overall, cover and heat it, then let it steep, before straining it into your teacup.

If you know of other teas that are good for your health, let us know! You can leave a comment under this post on our Facebook page!

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