3 Reasons Audiobooks Should Be Your Hottest Accessory This Summer

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On the fence about audiobooks? Sadly, I’ve met quite a few people who still can’t shake that image of their weird uncle listening to crazy political audiobooks at the family reunion, but I beg you, give audiobooks the chance they deserve.

In fact, forget about the cute sundresses and $1 Old Navy Flip Flop sales, because nothing can beat the summer heat like the perfect audiobook. Here are 3 reasons why audiobooks are the only real accessory you need this summer.

It’s hot.

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but right now it is hot, Hot, HOT in the beautiful Sonoran Desert. This means that unless we’re in the pool, most vigorous outside activity is off limits after about 9 a.m. until close to sunset. While running on the treadmill at the YMCA is pretty much just as effective as hitting the pavement for a 2-mile run, it is without a doubt about a thousand times more boring.

Listening to an audiobook keeps up my motivation to keep lacing my running shoes because, hey, I need to know what happens next. Still not convinced? One studyfound that participants who could only listen to an audiobook while at the gym were way more likely to go than a control group who were not given any access to audiobooks.

U.S. Interstates are long and mostly boring.

‘Tis the season for road trips, which means loading up the car with over-packed suitcases, half a dozen pairs of flip-flops, and a cooler full of healthy snacks that you totally won’t ignore when you stop at the good gas station with your favorite chips. The end destination might be exciting enough, but actually getting there can be soul sucking and your favorite tunes are bound to start wearing on your nerves.

Trust me, I have traveled on I-10 through Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona and, while it’s undeniably beautiful, the repetitive scenery will drain your will to live.

Audiobooks don’t just keep your mind off of the million hours you have left until you finally get to your hotel, they can circumvent that nasty carsickness so many people develop while reading in a moving vehicle.

Summer commutes are still awful.

Not taking a road trip this summer? I understand. Once you become a full-fledged adult with a job and insurance and bills to pay, the idea of taking the summer off flies right out the window. Of your car, that is, because you’re probably on your way to work.

Don’t let the summer blues get you down! Shake up your normal commute routine by listening to an audiobook on the way to and from work. Also, morning radio is awful, and no one should be forced to listen to it.

Now that you’re ready to give audiobooks a try, check out audible.com for easy access from virtually any of your devices. They have an easy-to-use app that I love and a huge selection of wonderful audiobooks.

And hey, when all of your friends moan about how they never have any time to read anymore, you’ll totally have some bragging rights for all of the books that you’ll finish over the rest of the summer.

CaitlinLane (1)Caitlin is a writer and freelance copyeditor who drinks way too much coffee and dreams of becoming an accomplished astrobiologist. Growing up in the Air Force, she ping-ponged around the U.S., across the Atlantic, and back only to start the process all over again with her husband. Now settled in Tucson, she writes for Virtue Marketing and can be found tweeting at @ifyoureadreamer, writing on her blog, or posting helpful articles for indie and self-published authors.

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