3 Tips to Drink More Water

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I am lucky enough to live in the absolutely gorgeous Sonoran Desert. I’m surrounded by mountains, we have beautiful palo verde trees, and you would not believe how many different species of cacti there are. Before we moved here I was worried about leaving behind endless stretches of forests and gently sloping hills. Now I wouldn’t trade my desert surroundings for much of anything. But guys, it gets hot here. Like, really hot. And yes, it’s a dry heat and I don’t care what you say it absolutely, 100 percent makes it more bearable. It also means that I am always. Freaking. Thirsty. At first it was difficult to drink more water, but now I am effectively a pro.

I am the water police, running after my kids and husband, asking, “How much water have you had today?” or saying (in of course my calmest tone), “You haven’t drank enough water! Drink! Drink!”

The Mayo Clinic acknowledges that determining how much water you need can be tricky, but sticks by the old advice of getting about eight classes of water a day. If you’re struggling to drink that much throughout the day and don’t have someone running like a broken record to remind you, here are a few things you can do to make it easier.

Buy a Hydro Flask

If you haven’t already bought one of these, what are you even doing with your life? I’m sorry, that was harsh. But seriously. Like your cold drinks staying cold for forever? Hate it when your coffee is lukewarm 5 minutes after you’ve poured it into your travel mug? Then do yourself a favor, and get a Hydro Flask.

I actually have multiple Hydro Flask water bottles for myself, my husband has one, and my kids each have one. And we might have a couple of coffee tumblers, don’t judge my life. I hate drinking room temperature or warm water, and these suckers keep water icy cold for a really freaking long time. We can even leave the cups in our car on a hot summer day and our water is still cold hours later. Get a Hydro Flask, carry it everywhere. You will thank me.

Download Plant Nanny

So you already have a Hydro Flask or a good reusable water bottle, and you still can’t remember to drink enough water? Then download Plant Nanny and get caught up in the adorable act of digital gardening.

You set a goal for how much water you want to drink every day and then log your water intake by watering your little digital plants. Once you give a plant enough water you can move it to your garden and begin growing a new one. You’ll earn seeds to “buy” new plants and cute pots, and the app will remind you when it’s time to get your drink on. And it is one of my most favorite things in life, absolutely free.

Knock it off with the sodas

Sodas aren’t exactly hydrating. If you’re already having trouble drinking enough water throughout the day then you’re wasting opportunities to hydrate yourself on sugary carbonated beverages. If you really want the flavor of something other than plain water, try an unsweetened tea or add a bit of fruit to your water. Still, if you really, really hate the taste of water, you should probably work on getting used to it. The best way to drink water is to just drink the dang water.

It may feel weird or even difficult at first, but try out these tips and see if you can drink more water without even realizing it.

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