4 Natural health tips boost immunity and well-being

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The bad news: There is an opioid crisis in America that is causing many deaths and devastating lives. The good news: Many people are starting to search for alternatives to prescription medication. Prescribed meds (often, unnecessarily prescribed) are a root cause of drug addiction throughout the country. More and more people are seeking natural health tips for ways to boost their immune systems and create a greater sense of well-being. Many people have chronic pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, inflamed arteries and other adverse health conditions. Such conditions are often due to poor diet and lifestyle choices, although not always.

Sometimes, easy-to-implement natural health remedies are right under our noses and we don’t see them. Some suggestions seem random or almost comical or ridiculous; that is, until you try them and get noticeable results. You have nothing to lose by trying the four ideas that are about to mentioned in this post. They cost little to no money. They’re not intended to be medical advice. And, data shows that people who do these things often experience improved mental, emotional and physical health.

Smiling is a natural health booster, even if your smile is fake

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It seems that Skipper’s catchphrase in “The Penguins of Madagascar” has more relevance in real life than we might have imagined. You know the one: Smile and wave, boys. Just smile and wave. Studies show that smiling improves mood. It’s also a valuable natural health tool because it helps reduce stress, and unresolved stress is an enemy to good health. Certain physiological processes are activated in your brain when you smile. The thing about the human brain is that it doesn’t really “know” fiction from reality. For instance, if you spend several minutes thinking about a past event in your life that was frightening, your brain interprets those thoughts as though they are happening in real time. Your body will show signs of fear. Perhaps your heart rate and breathing will increase or you’ll feel anxious and stressed.

The same goes for smiling. Even if you don’t really feel like smiling, you should smile — a lot. Whether your smile is fake or genuine, your brain interprets it as the latter. This sets off certain physiological processes that are good for your health. Smiling has been shown to boost immune system strength and heart health, as well.

Lying on left side is a natural health remedy for heartburn

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When you lie on your right side, your stomach is raised slightly above your esophagus. This position can exacerbate heartburn because gastric juices can easily flow into the esophagus. On the flip side, however, when lying on the left side of your body, your stomach is positioned lower than your esophagus. This helps reduce heartburn because it’s more difficult for gastric juices to make their way into your esophagus.

Since there has recently been a lot of information regarding the risks of taking antacids, trying a natural health remedy might be a good idea. If you’re used to sleeping on your right side, it might be challenging to break the habit. However, if you struggle with night-time heartburn, it seems like a small sacrifice to gain relief without having to rely on over-the-counter or prescription medications.

Walk among the trees and take deep breaths

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The inside of human lungs bears a striking resemblance to limbs stretching out from the bark of a tree. God created humans to be interactive with nature. The health and well-being of one relies on the other. We cannot survive without oxygen, and trees and plants provide it for us. In turn, plants and trees cannot survive without carbon dioxide, which we provide to them every time we exhale. If you’re looking for natural health ideas to help you boost your immune system and improve your sense of well-being, try talking walks among the forest and breathing deep.

Trees also give off phytoncides, which are chemicals that keep insects away. Such chemicals also have antifungal and antibacterial properties that help trees avoid disease. Guess what happens when humans breathe in phytoncides? Phytoncides stimulate NK cell production in the human body. NK cells are a specific type of white blood cell that fight viruses and kills tumors. Are you getting the picture yet as to why spending time in the forest is good for your health?

Make a tea tree spray to rid your house of mold

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Improving air quality is essential to good health. Unfortunately, most store-bought products that are sold to combat mildew and mold are highly toxic. There’s a natural health way to get rid of patches of mold around the house. Simply fill a small spray bottle with one cup of hot water and add one teaspoon of a good quality tea tree oil. Spray it on the spot you want to clean, and let it sit at  least 10 or 15 minutes. When time is up, give another quick spray and wipe clean. Learning more about how to make your own cleaning products using non-toxic ingredients is an excellent first step to take to incorporate natural health remedies into your daily routine.

Natural remedies may help improve quality of life

Most cancers are caused by things we breathe in, ingest or use topically. Stress is also a known cause of cancer, which is technically your body turning against itself. We all have cells in our bodies that can potentially become cancerous. Cancer is an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells. Implementing natural health ideas may not only boost mood or cognitive function. There is ample evidence to show that such ideas can also strengthen the immune system and stimulate an overall sense of well-being, which helps prevent cancer.

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