4 Reasons Swimming Is a Great Sport

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Swimming is a great sport for exercise. I grew up swimming for fun but never for exercise. As a parent, I realize what a great sport swimming is after watching my kids swim competitively.

There are many benefits to getting involved in swimming.

Low Impact

Swimming and other water sports are naturally low impact on joints, but it works out the entire body. Because of its low impact, it is a sport that can be enjoyed for an individual’s lifetime. My grandmother personally benefited from water aerobics well into her 80’s. She suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. Water sports were one of the only ways she could exercise without flaring up her arthritis or straining her weakened joints.

Full Body Work Out

Exercise programs are always striving to create programs that work out the entire body. When swimming laps, a swimmer will work out arm, legs, core and back muscles together. If you live near a facility with an indoor pool that offers lap swimming hours, it is a sport that can be enjoyed year round no matter the weather.


Water can be very dangerous. News reports are flooded with drownings that occur almost on a daily basis throughout the summer in recreational areas. Although drownings can occur in individuals who can swim, an individual’s chances of surviving a drowning incident decrease with the ability to swim.

Job Opportunities

Becoming a strong swimmer at a young age opens up excellent job opportunities throughout an individual’s teen, college and young adult years. Strong swimmers with excellent work habits have opportunities to become a certified lifeguard. Lifeguarding is excellent for students because it is often seasonal allowing students to focus on school work in off seasons.

Strong swimmers may also discover a knack for teaching. Several lifeguards and swim team coaches are able to teach swim lessons to kids of all ages. Teaching swim lessons is a valuable skill that can help generate income for years.

Want to get your kids hooked on swimming? Try joining a summer swim team! If you are lucky to live in an area with indoor swimming facilities, you may also find some swim team options through swim clubs and YMCA’s throughout the year. Swim teams can be a lot of fun for kids. It incorporates exercise with socialization with other kids their age and competition to challenge themselves for self-improvement.


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