4 things make you a preferred abduction victim

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Whether you live in a small town or along the coast of a popular U.S. tourist town, in the mountains or a thriving metropolis, safety should always be a top priority. This is especially true when you’re in public, as well as when you have to travel alone. Many times, criminals lurk in the shadows. They might be observing you without you knowing. There are four specific issues that make you a preferred abduction victim. Be aware of these things, and teach them to your children at an age-appropriate time.

Remember that it’s not only in the middle of a parking lot or while walking down a street that you should focus on safety. It all starts at home. It’s not uncommon in today’s world for criminals to use home invasion as a means to commit abduction. Therefore, the more safety precautions you take at home, the less likely your family will be victimized.

If your house is dimly lit, you’ll be a preferred abduction victim

preferred abduction victim, house hidden by overgrown shrubbery

Take a walk around the exterior of your home. One of the things that makes you a prime target for abduction is inadequate lighting. If your house is hidden in darkness after the sun goes down, you’re making it easier for people to sneak around in your yard. Bushes should be neatly trimmed—same with trees, flowers and other plants. Don’t let anything overgrow to the point that it covers your windows or hides your home from view. And, keep the place lit up at night. This post from our archives tells more about how home burglars choose their victims.

Abductors must be able to control you to carry out their crimes

preferred abduction victim, girl with pony tail, coat, backpack, holding cell phone, bridge water in background

An abduction is much less likely to occur when a potential victim isn’t able to be controlled or overpowered. Another thing that makes you a target, then, is appearing “controllable.” If you’re distracted, for instance, (by a cell phone or because you’re walking with ear buds in, etc., ) a criminal might see an easy target. Abductors like to take people by surprise. If you’re aware of your surroundings and focused on whatever you’re doing (walking, shopping, driving, etc.,) an abductor might pass you by because it would be difficult to overtake you. On the contrary, if you’re walking across a parking lot at night while looking down at your cell phone, you instantly become a preferred abduction victim.

Pay close attention to how you walk

man walking along railroad tracks, long-sleeved shirt, jeans, sneakers, dark hair

When you walk, do it with an air of confidence. Even if you forgot where you parked your car, pretend that you know exactly where you’re going. Take strong, full strides with each step. If you’re a “foot dragger,” or walk as though you’re meandering, an abductor might mark you as the next victim. If you walk with confidence, you look as though you’d be able to run fast, if needed. In addition to dragging your feet, if you walk slowly or have an awkward or self-conscious posture or gait or look on your face, you’ve become a target for abduction. If you want to improve safety, avoid walking with hands in your pockets. Practice walking with confidence and learn more about parking lot safety.

Predictability makes you a preferred abduction victim

preferred abduction victim, man in suit with umbrella walking behind woman, black car on the right

You’ll be a preferred abduction victim if your habits and activities are highly predictable. For example, if you leave the office at the exact same time every day and walk to your car, parked in the exact same spot, you’re predictable. A criminal might observe you from afar for a week and learn everything necessary to carry out an abduction, including the time of day you’ll be in the parking lot and whether other people are usually around at that time, or not.

A recap of the 4 things that make you a target for abduction

The following list shows a recap of the four issues that make you a prime target for abduction:

  • Poorly lit home exterior and overgrown plants
  • Appearing distracted or lacking confidence, which makes you look easy to control or overpower
  • Walking with a slow or awkward gait
  • Being too predictable

Avoid these mistakes, which increase the chances of becoming a victim. And, stay tuned to The Hot Mess Press for an upcoming post that provides information on how to spot a possible criminal.


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