4 Things to Ignore When Buying a Home

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Are you thinking about looking for a home to purchase in 2019? If you are not purchasing new construction, be ready to make some compromises on your wish list. Since most of us do not have unlimited wealth, here are a few things that should not be deal breakers when purchasing a home.

Paint Color

Paint color should never be a deal breaker when purchasing a home. Why? It is one of the easiest things to change on a home. Do you lack the money to hire a painter? Painting is also one of the easiest DIY projects, and it is one of the cheapest. A gallon of paint cost about $30, a roll of painters tape is $7, a good brush for edging is $9 and a roller and tray is about $10. For less than $60, most average size rooms can change in the time it takes to paint.


The seller’s décor should never affect the purchase of a home. Yes, it is often difficult to look past someone else’s clutter and choice of decorations, but it does not stay with the home. If the home is in a good location and has been well maintained ignore the clutter you dislike.


Buyers frequently encounter homes that do not hold the same desired standards of cleanliness. It may especially occur if the home is vacant. My husband and I recently purchased a vacant home that included dead bugs and cobwebs throughout, but dead bugs did not deter us. Most homes and surfaces can be easily cleaned. 

Unruly Landscaping

Landscaping is another part of a home that can easily be changed. Yes, it will cost money or require some hard DIY labor to make it more appealing. 

If you struggle with seeing the worth of a home past any of the changeable aspects, make sure to hire a licensed real estate agent that is not afraid to give his or her opinion. During our last home purchase, the non-negotiable part of our wish list was a good neighborhood. Above all else, the neighborhood and location of a home was our top priority. Thankfully, we picked a good agent who was not afraid to speak up when we were starry-eyed over a renovated home in a neighborhood that was not desired. Thankfully, we bought a home with a paint color that we hated, mauve carpet that was not our taste, and outdated bathrooms and kitchen. After a little hard work, our home transformed to our tastes, and it was the neighborhood and community we desired. 

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