4 ways to increase spirituality in your daily life

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Practicing faith in everyday life looks different for each person. Sometimes, the unfolding of faith, and how that plays out in the day to day, changes with time and circumstances. Right now, many people feel called to become more mindful of faith and religion and their spiritual well-beings. With five easy tips, you can increase spirituality in your daily life, which can improve health in mind, body AND soul.

Increase spirituality by spending time barefoot in nature

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When you allow your bare feet to come in contact with the earth, it has numerous effects on your mind, body and spirit. Spending time in nature enables you to listen and observe the world around you. Going barefoot is known as ”grounding,” which studies show can help strengthen the immune system. You can read more about that, here. When you are outdoors, in nature, certain endorphins and positive energies are released within your body. It creates a sense of wellness, which, in turn, boosts the spirit.

Many people also say that being in nature enables them to clear their mind and think about things in a clam, coherent manner. The fresh air and sunlight on the skin evoke pleasant feelings, as well. Quiet time in nature can increase spirituality because it provides an opportunity to step away from a noisy, busy world and just BE.

Serving others helps increase spirituality

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When we serve others with joy, it gives us a sense of purpose in life. Even if our own lives are wrought with heavy trials at times, serving others brings us inner peace. Serving others creates feelings of compassion, empathy, hopefulness and love. All of these emotions are associated with spirituality. Helping those in need is also a way to connect with people who may be from backgrounds that are quite different from our own. Not only does service enable us to meet and interact with people from different places but different financial statuses, faith backgrounds and race or ethnicity, as well.

When we step outside of our ordinary, usual everyday existence to lend a helping hand, we are becoming ”the hands of God on earth.” This helps increase spirituality because it reminds us that, although we are different, we are part of the same human race. Serving others gives us a sense of awareness and selflessness. This is good for the spirit.

Create an atmosphere that is soulful

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What sorts of things make you feel connected to your spirituality? Is it music or candles or incense? Perhaps there are certain plants or flowers or sculptures that make you more mindful of spiritual things. Whatever it is that helps you think of things eternal rather than the everyday hustle and bustle around you, use it to create a spiritual atmosphere in your home. Even if you can’t set a whole room aside, perhaps you can decorate a corner of a room.

When you want to increase spirituality in your daily life, go to this spot and spend time there. You might want to bring a journal along to write down your thoughts. Then again, you might prefer to just be still and quiet. Certain natural items, like water, for instance, or herbs or essential oils, can also help create a spiritual mood.

Take time to read about spiritual topics

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Even those who consider themselves avid readers often fall into a habit of reading the same genre of book, over and over again. If you want to increase spirituality in your daily life, try to set time aside for spiritual reading. You might read about prominent figures who share your faith. There are also many books, such as the famous Chicken Soup books, that share extraordinary stories of ordinary people of faith.

Taking time on a regular basis to read spiritual writings is one of the best ways to increase spirituality in your daily life. The more you read, the more you have to ponder and pray about or meditate on. If this type of reading practice is totally new to you, just start out slow, perhaps 15 minutes per day and work your way up to more time. Reading enriches the mind. When we read spiritual topics, it also enriches the soul.


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