5 Attitude adjustment tips you’ll thank me for later

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You might not want to hear this, but some of the problems you’ve been struggling with might be your own fault. You might be surprised at how much an attitude adjustment can help to resolve certain issues. Do you often feel cranky or fatigued and frustrated? Do you say things like, “I used to be a people person, but now, I’m not.” ?

Have you quit trying something you really want to do because you get angry at yourself when you make mistakes? Have you been scowling? Maybe you’ve been feeling “lukewarm” about life, like there’s nothing you can do to change anything, so you just don’t care anymore.

Attitude is one thing you can control

That’s where you’re wrong. There IS something you can change. It’s your attitude. With these 5 attitude adjustment tips, you can help your life sail pick up a new wind to change course. A bad attitude is borne of bad habits. Your demeanor and approach toward life is sort of like an automobile. Sometimes, you have a perfectly good car that isn’t running well because you haven’t been doing proper maintenance on it. It needs a few adjustments to be as good as new. Think of your attitude like that, and if you’ve been feeling like you need to adjust a few things, try these tips:

Get yourself some attitude adjustment helpers

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Surround yourself with people who have positive attitudes

There’s a certain amount of truth to the saying that you are the company you keep. If your goal is to develop a brighter, healthier, more positive attitude, you need to stop surrounding yourself with Negative Nellies. Think, for a moment, about your inner-circle — your tribe — your peeps. Perhaps it’s not all bad. Maybe you only have one or two Negative Nellies in the mix. If you’re serious about wanting to improve your attitude, you need to spend less (or no) time with them. Chronic negativity is toxic, and it acts like a roadblock to an attitude adjustment.

Surround yourself with people whose outlook on life you admire and want to emulate. Are the people you spend time with uplifting you or dragging you down? Be honest. You must be honest with yourself if you want to succeed in adjusting your attitude. No one is perfect. I’m not saying that you have to find flawless friends. I’m saying that you’ll be much likelier to succeed at improving your attitude if you have positive-minded people to encourage, inspire and support you in life.

Don’t be a grudge holder

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Grudges prevent an attitude adjustment

I repeat: No one is perfect. Ask yourself if your need for attitude adjustment has anything to do with your inability (or refusal) to forgive the limitations or faults of others. Scripture tells us that, when we ask God’s forgiveness with a penitent heart, He not only immediately forgives but forgets our sins as well. Holding a grudge is often tied to an unforgiving heart.

Adjust your attitude by acknowledging that people are imperfect. We don’t always think before we speak or act. We may not realize how something we do or say is affecting others. Holding a grudge doesn’t only hurt the other person; it hurts you, too, because it’s a major attitude crusher. Start improving your attitude by resolving to not hold grudges.

An attitude adjustment must be purposeful

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Be intentional and act with purpose

You can’t just say that you want to improve your attitude, then sit around and wait for it to happen without making any changes in your life. Self-improvement is hard work. We can’t be successful at this (or at anything, for that matter) unless we act with purpose. Positive change will only come if our behavior is intentional.

If you want to implement an attitude adjustment in your life, stop going through the motions. Start acting with purpose. Do your actions, your words, your thoughts and your demeanor align with your values and convictions and goals? Yes, there are certain aspects of our lives over which we have no control. BUT — we have far more control that we tend to admit. Life isn’t something that is just randomly happening TO us. We are living it; at least, we’re supposed to be.

If you’re a parent,  you understand how to put careful thought and love into decisions regarding your children’s well-being. Give yourself the same care and attention, and let your choices and actions be purposeful. In other words, choose the attitude you want to have, then do what you need to do to have it.

Change your morning habits

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Take control of your mornings

The way we start our day has a major impact on our attitude for the rest of the day. Try waking up earlier, even by 15 minutes, to initiate an attitude adjustment plan. Perhaps try awakening naturally instead of by an alarm clock, if  it’s possible with your work schedule. The previous tip about living purposefully is especially applicable first thing in the morning.

Allow yourself time to get some fresh air, whether you take a brisk walk or enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch. Connect with God; after all, your new day is a gift from Him. I notice a positive change in my own attitude when I consistently take time at the start of each day to spend some quiet time alone with God.

If you’re a breakfast eater, sit down and enjoy a healthy meal. Don’t grab a donut and rush out the door. Think about the day ahead and what you hope to accomplish in it. We’re never guaranteed another day, so we should try to enjoy every morning as though it might be our last, because it might well be!

Develop an attitude of gratitude and empathy

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Be grateful and kind

Modern society is plagued by a sense of entitlement. My father used to say that one of the main differences between his generation and my own was that my generation had a greater sense of entitlement. He believed this was particularly true regarding employment. It perplexed him how often people in my generation changed jobs, usually because their manager or boss had made them mad  or they felt he or she was being unfair. My dad would say, “Go to work. Do your best, and remember that your boss owes you nothing, except the wage that is listed in your contract.”

A sense of entitlement can negatively affect attitude. Have you ever stood at a checkout line in a store only to feel as though the clerk or cashier was acting like you owed them a gold medal just for being there? Or, the opposite — have you ever served a client or customer who treated you like he or she were the lord of a castle and you were a peasant? Attitude adjustment requires us to be kind and empathetic toward others.

A grateful heart is a joyful heart and a joyful heart is usually a kind heart. A kind heart spreads positivity throughout the world. Try to be more mindful of your blessings and more mindful of the hidden struggle that others might be going through.

Life is a blessing. We only get one go around. An attitude adjustment can be life-changing — for the better.



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