5 Healthy beauty tips you should know

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Have you ever researched the ingredients of available products on the market today, including lotions, shampoos, spray tans, perfumes, cosmetics, etc.? If so, you might have been shocked to discover that many such products are highly toxic and absolutely terrible for your health. More and more people are looking for healthy beauty tips. We all want to look and feel good. It’s understandable that you want to look your best. If you’re one of many people who are tired of placing their health at risk just to eat or complete hygiene routines, you’ll be glad to know that there are safe alternatives.

De-stressing and food choice tops the list for healthy beauty tips


You might be wondering what de-stressing or food has to do with finding safe, alternative beauty products. The answer is that all healthy beauty tips are specifically related to products. Lifestyle matters, too. Stress (the bad kind) is a killer — literally. It causes cancer. Poor food choices can negatively affect your skin, your hair, your internal organs and immune system and more. If those things aren’t healthy, you’re not likely going to look or feel beautiful.

To improve your beauty regimen, set a few achievable goals to lower stress levels in your life and to make healthier food choices. Perhaps you can do some deep breathing exercises several times per day or take a brisk walk in the fresh air and sunshine. When you go to grab that doughnut or milk chocolate bar, opt for a handful of sweet berries or a square of dark chocolate instead. Beverages also affect healthy and beauty. Drink water! Water should be the primary source of your hydration. If you rarely drink water but fill up on soda or energy drinks each day, it is definitely having an adverse effect on your beauty routine. Even if you don’t realize it.

The best healthy beauty tips include coconut oil

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There is ample evidence to show that coconut oil is good for your health. It’s also a non-toxic beauty product that can boost the glow and tone of your skin and improve hair quality. It also happens to have antimicrobial properties, which is good for your immune system and to help ward off illness. Coconut oil is a versatile healthy and beauty product. You can use it for co0king. Many people also add a spoonful to their coffee.

If you would get rid of the store-bought lotions on your shelves at home and replace them with coconut oil, your skin will thank you! You’ll also be taking a big stride in the right direction to detoxify your home and body! Toxic ingredients contained in store-bought lotions, shampoos or other beauty products work their way into your body. This sometimes occurs at an alarming rate! For instance, one study shows that the underarms and genital areas of a body have a 100% absorption rate! (Is there a link between breast cancer and antiperspirant/deodorant products? Many researchers say there is!)

Side note: Using freshly squeezed lime as a rub-on antiperspirant/deodorant is a healthy alternative to toxic products you get from the store!

Essential oils make great perfumes

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Besides wanting to look and feel good, most people want to smell good, too! Sadly, most perfumes are high in toxicity. You can swap out your perfume bottles for some quality essential oils instead! Making essential oils part of your regular beauty routine is easy. You can use them with a carrier oil (Coconut!) to rub on your skin. A small spray bottle lets you mist yourself and is easy to carry in your purse. It’s fun to experiment with different combinations of oils to create scents that you like.

You might describe certain foods as having an ‘acquired taste,’ meaning, you’re not used to it at first but learn to like, the more you eat it. The same goes for using essential oils as perfume. It’s not exactly the same type of scent commercial perfume products provide. But, remember, the goal is to use healthy beauty tips to lower toxicity in your daily beauty routine.

Keep that soap away from your face!

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Do you that it’s perfectly safe and healthy to wash your face with nothing but warm water? In fact, it’s probably the best facial beauty routine you can have! The skin on your face is highly sensitive. Most soaps and cleansers aren’t good for it. Many people wonder why they struggle so much with acne and rashes on their face. They don’t realize that it’s the soap products they use that are causing the problem!

If you’re used to lathering up, several times per day, washing your face with a soft cloth and warm water might seem strange at first. After a while, however, you’ll get used it and may be surprised at much the tone, texture and health of your facial skin improves!

Stop using hair dye or opt for ammonia-free products

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Letting hair go gray is a trending beauty activity. In fact, gray hair has become so popular that younger women are dying their hair to look gray! Shampoos aren’t the only products filled with carcinogens and other toxic ingredients. Hair dye tops the list, as well. If you want to keep dying your hair but also want to implement healthy beauty tips, try switching to ammonia-free products instead. There are also numerous organic and non-toxic hair colorants on the market today. In short, it’s possible to have fun with hair color without ruining your health.

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