5 healthy foods that look like the body parts they aid

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There’s no denying that there is a health crisis in America. Several issues are causal factors. One is that people eat junk. Not only do they not eat enough whole foods and healthy foods, they choose unhealthy alternatives. Another primary cause of ill health in this country is a sedentary lifestyle. People simply don’t engage in whole body movements enough on a daily basis. They sit for hours on end. Then, they lie down. They sit some more. Maybe—just maybe—they will walk to their cars and drive somewhere. Being sedentary is disastrous to human health. On the bright side, it is resolvable. It’s also possible to improve dietary habits.

Amazingly, there are a number of healthy foods available that actually look like the exact body part that benefits from eating them. It’s as though God gave us a tangible guide to good health through the physical appearances of certain foods. If strengthening your immune system and improving your health are among your goals for the year ahead, this post can help you know where start, simply by paying closer attention to how food looks.

Healthy foods include walnuts, which look like little brains

healthy foods, walnut flesh inside shell

If you look at a walnut that has not been chopped, you’ll notice that it looks quite similar to a human brain. The folds and wrinkles of a walnut look just like the neocortex. It just so happens that eating walnuts boosts the development of neurotransmitters. These little brain-looking nuts enhance the messaging links between cells in your brain!

Onions are healthy foods that look like cells

healthy foods, cross section of red onion

A cross-section of an onion is similar in appearance to a cell in the human body. There’s a reason that onions make you cry, and it’s a good one! When your eyes tear up while slicing onions, it is cleansing the epithelial layer of your eyes. Onions are healthy foods because they clear waste out from the cells in your body. Onions are rich in antioxidants, as well. Eating them helps repair damaged cells. They also help fight free radicals, which, in turn, may lower the risk for developing cancer.

Fresh ginger aids digestion and looks like a human stomach

hand holding ginger root

One of the greatest benefits of fresh ginger is that it helps alleviate nausea. You can take a small piece, smash it with a butter knife and set it in a tea cup. Pour hot water over it, and let it steep. Sipping this tea may help ease nausea or an upset tummy. Studies show that incorporation of fresh ginger into the diet may also slow the growth of tumors in the bowel. If you use a power juicer at home, you can easily add pieces of ginger to the machine when making celery juice or in conjunction with apples or citrus fruits.

Slice a tomato and reveal a model of the human heart

healthy foods, sliced tomatoes and a whole tomato

A sliced tomato appears to have sections. Let’s call them ”chambers,” because they share an uncanny resemblance to the human heart! Lycopene is the keyword that makes tomatoes such healthy foods. It reduces free-radical damage in the heart. Lycopene also improves blood flow and lowers the ”bad” cholesterol while boosting the ”good” cholesterol. Tomatoes are anti-oxidative, as well, which reduces inflammation and lowers risk of heart disease.

There is a reason that kidney beans look like kidneys

model of human kidneys

When I was a child, I was a picky eater. My mother was smart. She would sneak kidney beans into my diet by blending them in a blender first, then stirring them into chili. I had no idea they were there. As an adult, I’m grateful that my mother had my good health in mind, even when I was difficult to please regarding healthy foods. Kidney beans are literally one of the healthiest things you can eat. And, they look like a human kidney!

Kidney beans are high in soluble fiber but low in saturated fat. When eaten regularly, they can help regulate blood pressure. High blood pressure severely damages kidneys. Thus, eating kidney beans can help support kidney function, which is not only essential to good health but to life. You cannot live long if your kidneys cannot function properly.

Look around for more healthy foods that look like parts of your body

There are many other healthy foods available that look like the parts of the body they aid. As you strive to improve your eating habits and overall good health this year, consider choosing foods to boost health in specific areas of your body. The more fresh, whole foods you eat, the healthier you can be. Don’t forget to stop eating junk, though. It’s great to eat healthy food but less effective if you’re still eating all the bad stuff, too. Aim, instead, to change your habits and eliminate the junk, replacing it with healthy choices that strengthen your immune system, lungs and other major organs and systems in the body.

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