5 vacation tips to help you have a 5-star time

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It’s the height of travel season. Will you be going away? Whether traveling alone, with friends or with your entire family, this post is for you. These vacation tips can help you boost the joy of travel while minimizing stress. Have you ever returned home from a trip saying that you need a vacation to recover from vacation? If you keep these tips in mind, you can avoid that! Before we get into our five best vacation tips, think about the messages an older woman recently shared in an online video. She wanted to let the world know that there are certain types of people she will never travel with again.

First, if you can’t hold your liquor, you aren’t welcome on vacation with this lady. She says there’s nothing that can ruin a vacation more than a traveling companion who becomes a loud, fall-down drunk after just a couple drinks. Next, no negative Nancies are allowed to travel with this woman. You know the type. They always complain about the hotel, the food, the service, etc., which creates a depressing mood. Finally, the woman says if you don’t have spending money, don’t travel with her. She says it’s a downer when you arrive at your destination and want to do fun things but someone on the trip keeps poo-pooing the ideas due to lack of funds. If you don’t have money to go on vacation, don’t go, she says. Are there certain types of people you hate to travel with? Let us know in the comments under this post on our Facebook page. And now, onto our vacation tips…

Vacation tips for de-stressing the packing experience

If you typically wait until the last minute to pack your bags, you need to change your ways. This is one of the most stress-causing things you can do to yourself when you’re getting ready for vacation. This year, try something different. Pack your bags at least five days ahead of time. If you need the toiletries or accessories, etc., load them into travel bags and live out of them for a couple days. You can then easily place them in your bags the night before your departure. Load as much into your vehicle ahead of time as you can. If everyone in the house implements this tip, you’ll start out in a much less stressful way!

Another packing tip for vacation is to become a minimalist. Over-packing is another great source of stress. Do you really need to bring those three dresses you haven’t worn in five years, just in case an occasion arises on vacation to use them? Packing lighter can also help save money, especially if you are flying.

This YouTube video shares some great ideas on packing for a 10-day trip with just a carry-on bag. This is less expensive and a lot less stressful.

Stop expecting perfection on vacation

The next tip to help you have a 5-star time on vacation this year is to stop expecting perfection. If you’re so caught up in your preconceived notions for how the trip should be, you’ll have a difficult time going with the flow, especially when there’s a setback, which there’s likely to be. A restaurant might lose your reservation, your flight could be delayed, the air condition in your beach house might be broken when you arrive or  several days of your trip might include thunder storms or other inclement weather. You can’t always control what happens on vacation. However, you have total control over how you respond to things.

Maybe you won’t get to go parasailing if a storm hits the coast. You can mope around feeling miserable about it or come up with some ideas for fun you can have indoors. For example, is there an escape room nearby? If you can’t think of a Plan B, you might just want to take some time to rest, which brings us to our next vacation tip…

The best vacation tips include down time

Nobody can keep going 24/7 and not eventually feel stressed and exhausted. Don’t make the mistake of thinking resting on vacation is wasted time. On the contrary, besides having fun, vacation is an opportunity (or, at least, should be) to be rejuvenated. Try taking a walk by yourself or spending some quiet time reading or listening to music. Maybe even take that nap you’re always wanting at home! Feeling rested will help you enjoy your time away. It will also help you avoid that “I need a vacation to recover from vacation” feeling when you get back home. You’ll be re-energized and refreshed!

Install helpful apps ahead of time

The last of our vacation tips is to visit the app store on your phone and explore options that might be helpful to you on vacation. For example, if you or one of your loved ones struggle with digestive issues, the “Toilet Finder” app is a great asset. This app lets you know where the nearest public restrooms are at any given time. If you’re traveling to a place where a different language is spoken, and you are not fluent, a translator app will come in handy. Let us know if you have a favorite app that adds convenience to your vacations!

A quick recap of our vacation tips

Here’s a review of our 5 helpful vacation tips that you won’t want to leave home without:

  • Pack at least several days ahead of your trip.
  • Use the least number of bags possible—pack light.
  • Understand that there will likely be setbacks, but they need not ruin your vacation—go with the flow.
  • Always take time to rest on vacation.
  • Install apps that can help you minimize stress or add convenience to your trip.

Like, save and share this post, and let us know if you try these tips! And, by the way, if you’re traveling to an ocean destination, don’t forget to read this post from our archives with additional “ocean safety tips” to keep your family (especially kids) out of harm’s way.



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