6 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Home

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If you are on the hunt for a home in 2019, there a few things to consider when making a purchase. In particular, it is important to factor in the things of a home that cannot be changed.


It is important to set a solid budget prior to searching for a home and stick to it. It is important to factor in monthly costs in addition to the overall sticker price. Property taxes, homeowners insurance and monthly utilities can all add up affecting monthly expenses in addition to a monthly mortgage bill. A good loan officer and/or financial planner can help break down some of the monthly expenses and advise on the best overall budget for a home.


 Property lots cannot be changed. If you desire a good yard for kids to run and play, do not be lured by a beautiful home that has a steeply sloped yard or none at all. If you cannot tolerate yard work or pay to have yard work completed by someone else, consider a smaller lot or none at all.

Structural Integrity

The structural integrity of a home is of course important. Correcting structural issues is often possible, but it often requires thousands of dollars. Considering purchasing a home with structural issues? Hire a structural engineer to complete a report on the home and recommendations on any corrections for the home.

Location and Commute

 It goes without saying, but the location of the home cannot be changed. Do you think you can handle the commute? If you do not have time to test drive your daily commute, map programs such as Google Maps can show estimated drive time at specific times of a day. Is the home located in a good location to make life happen?


Personally, nothing beats having good neighbors. Neighbors who are forgiving for leaving leaves being on the ground a week longer than they should, neighbors who take care of their property and neighbors who are there for you as you need them are gold and can make where you live a pleasant experience. Granted, it is difficult to learn about neighbors when purchasing a home unless you know someone in the area, but if you have the option to find out who your neighbors will be ahead of time, it is worth researching.

Home Owners Association Rules and Fees

Some homes are located in areas governed by a home owner’s association. Some have stricter and steeper fees than others. If you cannot handle the fees or do not agree with the rules, it is best to avoid purchasing a home located in an HOA.

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