7 ways to get control of your life

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How many times do you hear someone say that they ”don’t have a choice”? Do you often say it, too? What about saying there is nothing you can do about this or that, or such and such is out of your control? If all of this sounds familiar, you’ll be glad to know that this post is going to tell you about seven things that you can take immediate 100% control over in your life. Today. Right now.

If you’re like most people, when you feel like you don’t have enough control over your life, it starts to have an adverse effect in many ways. Usually, symptoms will begin to surface, such as anxiety, feeling stressed, chronic fatigue, headaches, crankiness, etc. These symptoms are often the result of feeling that you have lost control of your life. Well, here’s some good news: Today is your day, because by the time you are done reading this post, you will walk away knowing that there are at least seven concrete things you CAN control in life.

Get control of your life by choosing your priorities

Is there anyone in your life (including yourself) whom you would describe by saying that his or her priorities are out of whack? It happens to most of us, at one time or another. But, listen to this! Your priorities are something that you have TOTAL control over in life! No one can tell you what’s most important to you. That’s something you must decide for yourself. If you have been feeling like your life is a bit out of control, take some time to assess your current priorities. Are you satisfied and feeling comfortable with their order? If you answered, ”No,” then make a list. RE-prioritize your life! No matter what external issues occur that are not within your control, you can get control of your life by choosing your own priorities.

Focus on your breathing to get control of your life

Most people do not breathe correctly. Also, most people do not realize how critical correct breathing is to good health. Breathing is an instinct in humans. However, you have control over THE WAY you breathe. When your goal is to get control of your life, try focusing on your breaths. Do some research to learn how to breathe correctly. Try to become more mindful of it as you go about your daily life. You can change or adjust your breathing (provided you are not incapacitated) at any time. So, you see? You already have become aware of two things (priorities and breathing) that you have total control over in life.

Add these five things to your list, as well

Taking control over the things being mentioned in this post might be challenging in some ways. Challenging, however, does not mean impossible. In fact, as you begin to focus on each issue, you might find yourself growing and becoming a better version of yourself in ways you didn’t expect. Take a look at the following list, which includes five more things that can help you get control of your life:

  • Your habits
  • Your attitude
  • Your effort
  • The way you spend your free time
  • Self-care

When you add this list to the two issues mentioned earlier, you now have SEVEN things in life over which you have total control! Think of it kind of like counting your blessings. Life is busy, sometimes, even chaotic. Relationships and jobs and personal goals are difficult. It doesn’t take much to throw everything off-track, so that you feel like you have very little (or no) control over anything. Save this post or print it out and hang in your room, so that the next time things feel out of control, you can look at this list and realize that there are at least seven things you CAN control!


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