A consumer review of Spoonflower

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A consumer review of Spoonflower, stack of fabric

What is Spoonflower?

Artists from all over the world create beautiful and unique designs. These designs are then uploaded to Spoonflower where they can be transformed into pillows, blankets, wallpaper, bedding, napkins, and my favorite, fabric! They have designs to appeal to literally everyone. Anything from The Golden Girls, fandoms, The Office, or original designs. My favorite part about Spoonflower, aside from the awesome designs, is the fact that I’m supporting an artist.

Pricing and shipping costs

The 25,000+ artists that fuel Spoonflowers products receive between 11% to 15% of their sales. Hence the reason Spoonflower’s prices are a tad steep. Pricing varies by product type and size. Fabric is $18.50 per yard and $10.00 per fat quarter. If you’re familiar with the world of fabric, you might think this price is either too high or reasonable. In this review, it is my opinion that the price is fair. It is a reasonable price to pay when you consider the fact that you’re not only purchasing a truly unique design but you’re also supporting an artist. I mean, how many other people have custom curtains designed by an artist from the Netherlands?? Or a facemask design by Camilla Laub, an artist and graphic designer from Denmark?? Also, shipping is between $1.00 and $3.00 and increases based on product quantity.


Out of the 22 different designs I’ve purchased from Spoonflower, I can confidently say that they have wonderful quality! I never received a blurry design nor a crooked print. The sizing of the patterns varies, and they give you a pretty accurate estimate of how big the design would appear on various products. So, pay attention to the size and contact the artist if you need the design scaled up or down a bit.

Design options

As I mentioned previously, they have designs for everyone. The most recent best-seller is the very popular Catching Fireflies by The Story Smith. They have designs for every holiday imaginable. You want a pillowcase with a bunch of sushi on it, they have it. They have animals, plants, folk art (my favorite), abstract, Legos, and patterns that looks suspiciously like Minecraft. They have almost every design you can imagine. Type what your looking for in the search bar and you’re bound to find what your looking for. And, if by some slim chance, you can’t find the design you want, you can create your own! You can become an artist for Spoonflower for free!

If you’re looking to create your own curtains or throw pillows, they have a plethora of fabric designs! Looking for pre-made products? They have them. However, if you’re unfamiliar with sewing, you should definitely learn how! It’s a good skill to have. You can practice with this adorable Owl Be Darned apron pattern with instructions by Cean Irminger. You can also purchase stuffed animal and doll patterns like this baby fox or these nesting dolls.

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