A delusional fear of COVID-19 has gripped America

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A crisis has spread throughout the country, and it’s destroying lives. Many people have become convinced that the crisis is a medical emergency sparked by COVID-19. In April, 2020, I shared a post about facts associated with COVID-19/coronavirus. The facts shared in that post are still valid today. Sadly, between April, 2020 and now, things have gotten worse among our fellow countrymen. (Yes, I wrote “countryMEN,” and NO, I do not care that it is politically incorrect according to extreme leftist Democrats.)

When I say this country is in crisis, you may have assumed that I was referring to COVID-19. I was — just not in the way you think I was. The crisis I want to tell you about is a mental health crisis. I stand in agreement with Dr. Mark McDonald, the board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist who has adamantly claimed that millions of people in America are suffering from delusional fear. Mainstream media and others have inculcated this irrational fear among the populous. This fear has paralyzed the nation — people are literally afraid to live normal day-to-day lives.

Delusional fear causes people to disregard facts

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Dr. McDonald has stated that the public health crisis we currently face in this country is a mass form of delusional psychosis. He cites the fact that there is a o.o1% to 0.02% rate of fatality due to COVID-19 among those ages  25 and under. Yet, masses of people have developed fixed beliefs to the contrary.

(Unjust) government-mandated mask regulations have ignited contention between people who have fixed false beliefs about COVID-19 facts and people who are living their lives mask-free, which is their right as protected under the U.S. Constitution.

Most masks are ineffective to reduce spread of a virus

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Dr. McDonald points out that wearing an N95 mask and constantly washing your hands is the only possible effective means for reducing the spread of a virus. Most people are wearing cloth masks and frequently touch their faces or re-use the same mask multiple times. Many of these same people, whose mask habits are ineffective, are acting out against their fellow citizens who choose to live their day-to-day lives mask-free.

When a person refuses to face reality (i.e., acknowledge real statistics and facts) and expects others to do the same, it is evidence that the person in question may be delusional. This is a basic mental health fact. If a person becomes angry and acts out aggressively toward anyone who disagrees with his or her worldview because he or she is convinced that, because of the disagreement, the other person is a danger to him or her,  it is further evidence of delusion.

Symptoms of mass delusional fear in the US and beyond

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Use of critical thinking skills and logic would certainly cause a rational person to be alarmed at many incidents taking place due to COVID-19-induced delusional fear. For instance, airline officials refused to allow a young couple with a 2-year-old to stay on an airplane because the baby wouldn’t keep a mask on.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other Big Tech networks have suspended or banned accounts for exercising the right to free speech. If a post does not align with a particular narrative, they take it down. This should alarm every person who values freedom! Sadly, the delusional fear that has gripped the nation causes people to believe that banning free speech is “a good thing” because it is helping to “protect” people who believe the narrative from those who don’t, as if the latter group is somehow a danger to the former.

Children are at great risk in more ways than one

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Why are so many children killing themselves? Dr. McDonald and MANY other mental health experts, coroners, physicians and family counselors have spoken out against state-mandated lockdowns. The rate of suicide, especially among youth, has soared. Experts say they have no doubt that being locked down and prohibited from going to school and interacting in their communities has caused a spike in depression, bi-polar incidents and other mental health problems among the general population, especially in children.

Think of the youngest among us. Will they be conditioned to be afraid of life? Are new generations being raised who will suffer from a delusional fear? Will masks and forced vaccines be part of their future? Dr. McDonald cited a story where a homeowners’ association had closed down a community park after officials saw children playing in the grass.

They banned the kids from the park and ordered a chemical disinfectant to be sprayed all over the lawn. The officials claimed that children were placing their grand-parents and family members in danger by touching the grass. They said the kids might contract COVID-19 from the grass, then infect their elderly family members when they return home. If this is not the epitome of delusional fear, I don’t know what is! It makes my head spin to think of it! What kind of a country are we if we raise children to be afraid to play on the grass at a park?!

Will we be placed under house arrest like Galileo?

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Dr. McDonald reminds us that this is not the first time powerful rulers and minions have punished people who dare to disagree with a scripted narrative. During the Renaissance, Galileo was sentenced to permanent house arrest for disagreeing with those who had claimed that the sun revolves around the earth.

If delusional fear in America and elsewhere is not soon overcome, will there come a time when people who choose to not cover their face or believe false information about COVID-19 will be imprisoned like Galileo? A few years ago, I would have laughed at such a suggestion. I’m not laughing now.

Delusional fear and COVID-19 vaccines

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Many people are worried that extreme leftist ruling powers will try to require certification showing vaccination against COVID-19. Thousands of people have died shortly after receiving these vaccines. Reading the 146-page document Pfizer company published regarding the dangers of their vaccine during clinical trials raises serious concerns, for sure. However, delusional fear regarding COVID-19 has already prompted proponents of the vaccines to lash out at people who choose to not get the shots.

Do not be so afraid of dying that you become afraid to live

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We grieve the loss of those who have died because of COVID-19. The fact is, however, that mismanagement of care and treatment, as well as comorbidity, is the real cause of the majority of deaths. Governors like Tom Wolf in Pennsylvania and Andrew Cuomo in New York FORCED elderly people back into nursing homes while they KNEW there was an outbreak of coronavirus. Cuomo’s aide publicly admitted that the Governor hid information regarding the issue to avoid a federal investigation.

Any loss of human life, for any reason, is cause for mourning. It’s time to take a closer look at what is happening in America. If you disagree with Dr. McDonald’s assertions that a mass psychosis and delusional fear has gripped the nation, we invite  you to share  information or evidence you have to refute his claims. I, for one, believe he is on point.



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