A potty training tip I promise you’ve never thought of

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Especially when you have your first child, you want to do everything right. You want to be the best parent you can be. If God blesses you with additional children, you hopefully continue to want to be a loving parent. You want to teach your children everything they need to know to get a good start in life. For instance, you teach them, from an early age, not to put things in their mouths, unless it is food you have allowed them to have. In a few minutes, you’re going to see a video that contains a potty training tip I highly doubt you have ever practiced with your children, not in this particular way, anyway.

When I saw this video, I couldn’t decide if it was the most creative, genius, wonderful potty training tip I’ve ever seen or all-out-get-out crazy. I assume the woman in this video is a teacher. It appears that she is sitting in front of her class. Her very young students are being attentive, intently focused on her lesson. Take a look:

So, was I right? Was this a potty training tip you would never have dreamed up in 1,000 years? Are you dying right now? And, for the record, let it be noted that this “demonstration” is a lot — shall we say, “neater” — than what these little tykes might be dealing with in a real life situation! Catch my drift?

I’ve made potty promises like most moms

I mean, I’ve bribed toddlers like a boss when I was potty training my kids. I’ll freely admit it. I promised them “big boy” or “big girl” underwear. I’ve sung songs, read stories and let the water run in the sink for Pavlovian sound effects. I may have even promised the boys a prize if they could turn the blue tidy bowl water, green. But, this? Never in a million years would I have thought of this!

Are you still dying? I know I am. LOL

Need another potty training tip?

If you’re looking for more ideas on potty training, you might want to check out this article. The authors claim you can’t fail with these suggestions. If you try any of them, let us know how they work out for you! My co-worker, Summer, also has a few thoughts to share on the topic.

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