Adrenal Cocktail for Your… You Guessed It– Adrenals

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Over the last 6 months, my eyes have been opened to just how debilitating adrenal fatigue can be. I have met people who are house-ridden, which is how I often feel. I have met people who are bedridden…and worse. Some of the people I have met want to give up on life  because of this issue. Those who suffer from adrenal fatigue have weakened bodies, which in turn saps the strength of one mentally and emotionally as well. The worst part of it is that most conventional doctors will not know what it is.

I loved my base doctor initially…she was instrumental in getting my back pain diagnosed and she quickly facilitated opening the channels I needed to get operated on in a trustworthy hospital. However, my faith in her took a massive dive when I approached her with my belief that I have adrenal fatigue. Because she was so open in the past, I thought she would be open to this “adrenal fatigue” thing…that she would know what it was and commence to healing me. What I heard instead was, “Hmmmm….this is not in my wheelhouse”. I had to look up the word wheelhouse, by the way. Per Wiktionary, “Wikipedia states “Wheelhouses are the small enclosed parts of a bridge which historically held the ship’s steering wheel.” So “in someone’s wheelhouse” refers to something being within one’s areas of competency, like command of a ship is within a ship captain’s abilities.” So because my base doctor did not feel that adrenal fatigue was within her area of competency, I was stuck. I was stuck with a sick body that was wearing down my spirit. I was stuck with knowing what was wrong with me but not having a doctor who could help me. I have learned a lot since then, but I still feel like I’m on my own for the most part.

I wish I could tell you that I’ve found the secret. However the reality is that it took me decades to get here and I won’t be cured in months. I expect this journey to take a few years. In a future post, I’ll share with you what vitamins and minerals I take in a day. To be honest, I struggle with it all but eating today’s low-quality fruits and vegetables are just not going to heal us. We need a little extra help. Enter the “Adrenal Cocktail”. Adrenal cocktails usually contain Vit C and a few other things. I have found that this particular adrenal cocktail is tasty and easy to make. A more in-depth article with some recipe variations can be found here. This is just one of many things I have incorporated into my diet in order to heal. Whether you have a mild form of adrenal fatigue or are a more severe case, drinking this should help. I love it on days I drink it and want to make it more of a habit.

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Are you tired of reading CJ Heath’s articles about adrenal fatigue? If so, just know she’s tired of writing about it. However, as long as she is healing from this and learning what works and what doesn’t, she wants to share with you what she knows. Even if you don’t have adrenal fatigue, try the cocktail and get a healthy dose of Vitamin C and potassium 🙂

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