Aging with Popeye’s Chicken and Champagne

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Aging is difficult for anyone, but it’s definitely more difficult for women. No, I don’t want to turn this into a rant about the disparity between men and women when it comes to aging. Rather, I just want to share my experience with this.

I have been blessed over the years–at least outwardly. No one, and I mean no one ever guesses my age correctly. Internally though, I feel about 100 years old. Actually, I bet there are some 100 year olds who feel more energetic and healthier than I do. Still, there are some things I do to actively keep my skin looking young and my Spirit feeling young.

Tips for younger-looking skin

  • Collagen! I love to combat aging with Dr. Axe’s collagen products. My favorite is the cold brew. His products are high quality and affordable and are a constant staple in my house.
  • I don’t often wear make-up, which means I’m not scrubbing my face to take the make-up off.
  • Water…drink lots of it!!
  • Think about what you’re putting into your body. No, I’m not a Food Nazi, but making cleaner, healthier choices most of the time will help a lot.

Tips for feeling younger

Apparently, aging is on my mind more than I want it to be. I first blogged about it almost 4 years ago and I’m definitely older now than I was then. Now, I try not to think too much about aging. I don’t want to feel bogged down with the idea that I don’t look or feel as young as I used to. No one does! Rather than fight aging with denial and harsh treatments of the body, I would rather find women my age and older that I can look up to and admire.

My birthday is today! I’m now officially 45 years old. I choose not to feel sad about that number. Instead, I think about what all I have learned, especially this last decade and a half. I know my Soul has had some growing pains…but this is something I embrace as I age and hopefully become a kinder and wiser woman.

And now, I’m going to forgo my ruminations on aging. I celebrated my new age today with a marvelous glass of champagne and later, I will fill my stomach with Popeye’s Chicken and cupcakes–YUM! I wish a Happy Day to all of you aging-beautifully-every-day women.

By the way, I’d love to know: how do YOU celebrate aging?

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