All eyes on Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew

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All eyes on Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew - The Hot Mess Press

You may not be familiar with Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew. But now is the time to learn more about them. Maxwell was a close associate of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. And she was just convicted of charges related to the sexual exploitation and trafficking of minor girls. But for some reason, the trial wasn’t covered much by the mainstream media. I have a theory on why they didn’t focus much on Ghislaine Maxwell. It likely has to do with the famous names that came up during the trial. Maxwell and Epstein had ties to many well-known politicians, musicians, and actors. So while the media distracts us with yet more talk of COVID-19, a very important trial just wrapped up. Let’s take a look at some of Ghislaine Maxwell’s ties to Prince Andrew to better understand the importance of these trials.

Connections with Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth’s younger son, is facing a civil trial in relation to the sexual abuse of an underage girl. Prince Andrew may also have ties with Maxwell and the deceased Epstein. There were several famous names mentioned in the Maxwell trial. Unfortunately, a lot of the specifics were ordered hidden from the public upon the trial’s conclusion. Ghislaine Maxwell was fighting to keep those famous associates’ names hidden. But it seems that she has given up the fight. Prince Andrew’s civil trial will proceed forward. During the trial, some of those famous people involved in illicit activities with minors may finally be revealed.

The possible implications

The general public doesn’t want to believe that some famous people are bad. But readily available information tells a different story. Maxwell and Epstein were friends with many Hollywood celebrities and other famous people. You can even find the flight logs to see who accompanied Epstein to his famous island if you search hard enough. The stories of what happened on the island are horrific and not for the faint of heart. We know that both Maxwell and Epstein were convicted of heinous sex crimes related to minors. So it would be safe to assume that some of their associates are involved in the same acts. When names are released, and Prince Andrew goes to civil court, it should be clear who is involved in these unthinkable acts.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew are just the beginning. They have many world-famous associates who were likely involved in the same horrible acts. Recently, Prince Andrew was stripped of his title as the Duke of York. He also lost many privileges associated with his position. His trial could reveal a lot of the appalling acts that are committed by those with power and money. It’s important that we are aware of what goes on in these elite circles. These people control our money, our governments, and our entertainment. Maybe it’s time we start looking up to people with real accomplishments and honorable intentions. Celebrities, life-long politicians, and the insanely wealthy are not deserving of their power or influence on the world.

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