Allergies: Does a handful of change give you itchy fingers?

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Your immune system’s function is to attack any foreign substances that could harm your health. We know these reactions as allergies, some of which could catch you unawares. Following up on my recent blog, about unexpected household allergens that could cause an asthma allergy, here are some allergies that might keep you guessing what caused them.

Kissing allergies

Kissing couple -- allergies

If you have an unexplained allergic reaction, would you ever consider that your kissing partner might be the cause?

It is quite possible. Reactions like swelling of your throat or lips, wheezing, rash, itching and hives could happen after kissing.

Suppose your partner eats peanuts or takes medication to which you are allergic. If the two of you exchange kisses later, your partner’s saliva could still have traces of the allergens. Therefore, it might be a good idea if you both avoid eating things that could make kissing a life-threatening pleasure.

Meat allergies

Beef Burger

Researchers at Vanderbilt University reported that a bite by a lone star tick could cause an allergy to all meat products. Severe reactions could include breathing problems, vomiting, rashes and diarrhea. Essentially, people with meat allergies would be wise to carry emergency epinephrine pens with them.

Allergies to sunlight

Woman in swimming pool

Although not life-threatening, this allergy could put a significant damper on life enjoyment. The fancy term for this allergy is solar urticaria. Even only a few minutes of exposure to sunlight could cause a breakout of hives. However, after a few hours, back inside, the rash would disappear.

Does a handful of coins cause an itchy rash?

Hands holding coins -- Nickel allergies

You could have a nickel allergy. If you do, you might also have an itchy rash when wearing certain jewelry pieces. Nickel is a metal present in coins, keys, jewelry and other objects you might handle every day. Prescription corticosteroid ointment could relieve itchy breakouts.

Exercise allergies

Women jogging - Allergies

Although rare, working up a sweat causes vomiting and hives in some people who could suffer exercise-induced anaphylaxis. It could happen during gym workouts, jogging and even during low-impact yard work. This allergy could be life-threatening because it affects the way the heart pumps blood. In some people, certain foods could trigger the symptoms.

Latex allergies

Balloons latex allergies

Handling balloons at your child’s birthday party could cause mild to severe allergic reactions. It might be no more than a rash, but it could cause anaphylactic shock. Furthermore, other latex-containing items include rubber bands, disposable gloves, pacifiers and toys. A significant number of healthcare workers develop allergies to latex gloves. Most importantly, people with latex allergies should wear medical alert bracelets to warn health care workers of the allergy. They will then know that wearing latex gloves could cause an allergic reaction in the patient.

Does a light scratch cause welts on your skin?


Dermatographia, which literally means writing on the skin, is an allergy that could cause discomfort in various situations. Wherever the skin is stroked or pressed, it could form itchy welts within minutes. This could be where clothing or bed linen touches the skin or when clapping hands. Even resting the arm on the edge of a desk could cause welts where the arms presses against the desks. Fortunately, taking antihistamines can control this allergy.

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