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Most of us have mixed emotions when trolling through the childhood memories our brains and hearts keep securely tucked away. Amidst the humorous, exciting and happy moments recalled, there are typically twinges of regret, sadness or things we might rather forget altogether.

Although, we may have survived our elementary and high-school years, many of us have more than enough memories of feeling left out, worrying about not being popular, or, in worst cases, being bullied on the playground or in the locker room. Most kids just want to be liked. They want to feel like they fit in with their peers. No one—absolutely no one wants to be the one whose party is a flop because all the guests are no-shows.

Imagine being a 10-year-old boy who has invited his entire class to his birthday party. In this case, that’s 21 individual students. Granted, anytime invitations are sent out for any type of gathering, one can only expect around a 70 percent turn-out. However, what might it feel like if no one shows up? That’s zero, nada, zip, none!

Apparently, that’s exactly what happened in April 2016 to a little boy in Arkansas. His mother had allowed him to invite all his classmates to join in celebrating his birthday. Out of the 21 sent invitations, the boy received confirmation that five of his prospective guests would attend. When the big day arrived, that number had dwindled to nothing. No one came, and four of the five reportedly never even called to cancel (the other one could not attend due to illness).

When things go wrong in life and a child’s hopes are dashed and heart is broken, a simple act of kindness can go a long way to repair the damage. Taking time to reach out to a friend (or, in this case, a stranger) can restore the downtrodden’s faith in humanity. All it takes are a few kind hearts to turn tears of sadness into joyful dancing.

Enter: Fabulous, compassionate, awesome Arkansas State Troopers! The birthday boy’s mother lamented her heartbreak for her son in a post on Facebook, telling the world how sad she was that his classmates had left him to celebrate his birthday alone. One of America’s finest saw the post, and enlisted the help of a few of his colleagues to do something very special.

Imagine the little boy’s sorrow-turned-to-joy when a group of State Troopers showed up at his door to throw him a surprise birthday party! (Well, imagine first how nervous the family must have been to answer the knock, only to find an entire group of State Troopers on their doorstep!) These guys thought of everything. They even brought a cake! Officers treated the birthday boy to a ride (with sirens on!) in their patrol car; he even got to try on a Trooper hat and play with the police dog! The young lad later told reporters that the Troopers’ loving gesture caused him to shed a few tears; but, this time, they were “happy” tears.

It’s nice to know that random acts of kindness are alive and well down South! These officers not only protect the physical safety and wellbeing of their citizens; but, are apparently pretty good at cheering folks up, too!

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