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I am writing this review not as a coach or someone who makes money for Beachbody On Demand, but purely as a customer. Whenever I look up different products and exercise programs to find more information, I sometimes find that reviews are written by people who could benefit from my purchase of a program or product, which can make those reviews difficult to trust. a

I personally have never made money through Beachbody, but I have been using their products their products for years. Their products make working out at home a breeze. In the past, the only way to participate in a Beachbody program was to spend approximately $160 on DVDs and program materials. In the last couple of years, Beachbody has developed an online program to stream all of their exercise programs.

All of their exercise programs are available to stream at an individual’s convenience for approximately $100 a year. Eating plans, program schedules and other materials are also listed under each program. The only time additional costs occur are when individuals would like to receive a program earlier than the release date. Beachbody also sells numerous supplements which are optional.

Here are some of my favorite programs:

Insanity: It is what it sounds like: insane exercise. Insanity involves a lot of jumping and high impact exercises. I personally can no longer use this program as my aging knees do not like it. I was able to use it about six years ago and lost a significant amount of weight and toned up. No weights or equipment is used.

21 Day Fix: Autumn Calabrese is one of my favorite trainers. Her 21 Day Fix program is easy to implement and a great way to start. It is especially good for moms who are wanting to get back into shape after having a baby. I personally enjoy the mix of cardio, weights, yoga and Pilates that she incorporates. The program is about 30 minutes long and easy to knock out in a busy schedule. Weights are used on some days.

80 Day Obsession: This is also by Autumn Calabrese and is more intense than 21 Day Fix. I completed about 56 days straight, until some unplanned and unrelated health issues stopped my progress. The program is difficult and an hour long most days involving weights, cardio, sliders and resistance bands. I often struggled to squeeze in an hour of working out, but I enjoyed how toned my legs and backside had started to become.

Overall, if you need a decent work out program at home, Beachbody On Demand can likely fit your needs. It provides yoga, low intensity, high intensity, muscle building and cardio programs.


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