An Ode to Coffee

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Coffee? Yes, coffee is amazing. Literally for centuries, this glorious beverage has provided unrivaled inspiration to millions.

It can turn zombies into not only fully-functioning human beings, but productive and contributing members of society at the most ungodly hours of the day. While sipping my daily cup I often find myself wondering how one warm, scrumptious and oh-so magical beverage can provide such motivation, such passion for life at times when no person should be awake, much less functional. It is the single motivating factor that drove me to begin writing this piece.

To me, coffee is much more than a morning pick-me-up. We’ve had a volatile relationship, coffee and I. Over the years, we’ve been down some rocky roads, even broken up a few times. However, the futile attempts to fight my ever-present, magnetic attraction to coffee only resulted in an inevitable reuniting and the formation of a continually strengthening bond.

Looking back, questioning my reasoning and sanity, I ask myself why did I ever choose to stop drinking coffee? Why did I ever fight the obsession? Eventually, I stopped resisting and just embraced it. Going with the alternative (no coffee) has had detrimental effects to my functionality. With no coffee, not only do I suffer, but all those who happen to come in contact with me also feel the effects.

I may be the furthest thing in existence from a stereotypical morning person. If put on a metaphorical trial for my hatefulness, my wife could remain at the witness stand for weeks testifying and recalling countless instances of morning grumpiness. Sorry, honey. No joke, catch me any time before 10:00 am and I make Ebenezer Scrooge look like Mother Teresa.

But coffee changes all this. This beverage can almost instantly reverse a bad mood. How? Beats me. All I know is I can’t live without my magical bean water.

Just a few years ago, it was common knowledge that coffee was just terrible for you. Unjustifiably painted as a villain, this drink was the criminal responsible for irregular heartbeats, high blood pressure, insomnia and even cancer.

Most of this has been disproven, and the World Health Organization recently removed coffee from their list of possible carcinogens. Thanks, guys.

Although for some, coffee can cause sleep problems, heartburn and has been known to induce jittery feelings. This can be enough for some people to steer clear of the beverage. However, I say these minuscule side-effects are a small price to pay for the euphoric feelings that accompany a coffee indulgence. The pros far outweigh the cons here.

In fact, coffee has a ton of actual health benefits. Recent studies have shown that regular coffee drinkers have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. Obviously, coffee helps with mental clarity, but it may also help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Just a few reasons to enjoy another cup.

So, my fellow addicts, drink up. The many proven health benefits of coffee will ensure that we’ll be around, and awake, for years and years to come. Its science.

In my opinion, one of the greatest joys in life is a good cup of coffee.

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