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Many companies have moved to operating their business on a subscription model. You can buy everything from food, clothes, movies and make-up through a subscription service. A subscription service offers goods at a convenience delivered right to a buyer’s home based on the contracted timeline.

My sister recently encouraged me to try a subscription service called Ipsy. Ipsy is a makeup service that sends five beauty products every month to subscribers for the cost of $10. The company sends the items based on a short quiz taken by the buyer’s needs and preferences which includes information like hair, skin and eye color. There is no additional shipping. Some of the products are full size, and some are sample size.

After being a customer for six months here are the things I like and dislike about the subscription:

New Items: I get to try new and different makeup items for a low cost. I often hesitate buying a new makeup product at a retail store out of fear that I may not like it once I use it on a daily basis. I have stuck with the same mascara brand for years due to that hesitation. In the last six months, Ipsy has sent me three different mascaras, and there is one new brand that I have come to love.

Convenience: The makeup bag shows up in my mailbox. There is no trip to a makeup store or makeup counter in any department store dealing with pushy sales people. If I really like a product, I can often buy it from Ipsy to be shipped straight to my house.

Unwanted Items: One thing I do not like is the unwanted items. There have been a few items that have come over the months that are still sitting in a drawer waiting to be used. As a mom of three kids, some of the items are just not something I have time to figure out how to use. I have kept them in hope that I will have the opportunity to use them. I would love if I could choose from a list of items every month of things I am hoping to try.

Lots of bags: The makeup arrives in super cute makeup bags. While the makeup bags are really cute and fun, I only have so many uses for them. Many will likely end up donated.

I have not stopped my subscription yet. For $10 a month, I enjoy the inexpensive excuse to try some new products. It is a little happy in my mailbox once a month.


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