Are military service members bullied to comply?

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You basically can’t take a breath nowadays without seeing, reading or hearing something about COVID-19 injections. The only way to escape it is to unplug, disconnect and head off somewhere for some peace and quiet and normal life. It doesn’t help when people like Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci take to the airwaves to make ridiculous, communist-like statements. They say things, such as “Our patience is wearing thin,” or “We will let you know if you can gather with your family for Christmas.”

Some people simply disregard their tyrannical hogwash and propaganda. Indoctrination and a mass media campaign has completely brainwashed and duped many others into believing their lies. Many people, including some who are military service members, don’t believe the lies. They say their commanding officers are bullying, intimidating and threatening them to get them to roll up their sleeves to receive the jab.

My family has a long history of service in the military, with several of its members currently serving. Numerous people in my family have gone to combat in the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and Afghanistan. I also have a great number of friends who have loved ones in service at this time. This is why it makes me so angry to learn that people in power are forcing others to get an injection they don’t want.

No existing COVID-19 injection is FDA approved

The mainstream media and corrupt government officials (including some high-ranking leftist commanders in the military) are experts at word manipulation. They have done their best to convince the general public that the FDA approved the Pfizer injection. That is false, and anyone who makes the claim is either misinformed or lying.

Page 13, section Y of the letter sent to Pfizer by the FDA clearly states that the injection has not been approved by the FDA.
Beyond that, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin provided a clear explanation of how media and government officials with an agenda staked a false claim of approval. He calls it a classic case of bait and switch. You can listen to his full interview here:

In light of the facts, why are military service members being coerced?

Knowing that an FDA approved COVID-19 injection doesn’t exist begs the question as to why military service members are being forced against their will to get injected? There are numerous vaccine requirements in the U.S. military. However, the COVID-19 injections are not vaccines. Everyone calls them that, but neither the Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca or Johnson & Johnson shot is a vaccine. The manufacturers do not claim that they are.

In light of that fact, how can the government or officials in the armed forces consider COVID-19 injections part of vaccine requirements for the U.S. military? These injections are experimental drugs being used on humans who agree to participate in the experiment. Why are military officials forcing service members to participate in a drug experiment on humans? If you think “forcing” is an inaccurate way to describe what’s happening, keep reading.

Force, coerce, intimidate, threaten

The military has reportedly told several people that they will incur discharge if they do not receive a COVID-19 injection. These are top-of-the-line service members, one who graduated first in his platoon from Parris Island. They are true patriots who love their country and have dedicated themselves to the service they promised to provide when they took their oath.

Part of the problem is that there is no standard of operation on this issue. Officers told one service member that he will get a “general” discharge. Another faces a threat of dishonorable discharge. The officers on one post told another service member that he can receive an honorable discharge but must first finish out his enlistment in the military in the brig! (Military lingo for “jail”.) He has more than a year left of service! This is an outrage.

Should military service members face trial by court-martial for declining an experimental injection?

The powers that be threatened a military officer with a trial by court-martial. This is a career man, meaning that he planned to complete 20 years of service to gain full retirement benefits. He is a primary provider in his household. Under threat, he rolled up his sleeve. An NCO (non-commissioned officer) was told it was his choice whether or not to get a COVID injection. He (at first) chose to not. Imagine his shock, then, when he tried to report for duty but guards denied him access to the buildings he needed to enter to fulfill his duties.

Any failure by a member of the United States Armed Forces to appear before his unit, organization, or place of duty at the prescribed time and without authority is subject to Article 86 of the UCMJ (Uniformed Code of Military Justice). This is basically “absence without leave” or “failure to report for duty.” There was only one way the NCO in this case would be able to enter the buildings in question and  keep serving in the military (He only has a few years left until full retirement.) He would have to get the jab. Sadly, that’s what he did. He then became severely ill and unable to get out of bed for weeks.

Veteran can no longer walk without help

You might have read about this next case in the news. Nine police officers in Denver, Colorado filed a lawsuit to challenge COVID-19 injection mandates in their city. One of them is a U.S. military veteran. He became a police officer because he wanted to serve his local community. This man loved his job. Sadly, he can no longer do it. While he already had natural immunity after recovering from COVID-19, city officials forced him to get the jab. The alternative was to lose his job. He regretfully complied and now, cannot walk without assistance.

There is ample documentation to show that people who have contracted COVID-19 in the wild are naturally immune to the virus after they recover. It is also known that injecting someone who has had the virus with the experimental drugs they are calling vaccines is highly dangerous. Doing so places the recipient at great risk for serious injury, even death. Yet, with all of this information readily available, city officials forced this man who had served in the National Guard and Denver police force to get the shot.

Names are not mentioned to protect privacy

Names have been omitted to protect privacy, except, of course, for the Colorado police officer’s name, which is contained in the linked article about him. As for the source links provided in this post, readers are encouraged to click through and carefully study the FDA letter, as well as listen to Senator Johnson. Readers should also do additional research – real research from legitimate sources.

In the final analysis, each person must decide what he or she believes. This IS the United States of America. No one should coerce, bully or threaten our military service members to inject their bodies with experimental drugs. The U.S. Constitution protects every adult in America with a right to make his or her own health decisions.

Something happens when companies, military officials or government representatives start firing employees and military service members for not receiving an injection. The number of people getting the jab skyrockets. This modus operandi (mode of operation) has a name. It’s called “corporate communism.” Of course, you can also call it “discrimination,” “bias,” or “a hostile work environment.” There are plenty of terms to choose from, but they all amount to the same thing. Corrupt officials are violating the rights of American citizens and military service members!

It is understandable why people who want to say no to vaccine mandates are caving under pressure and rolling up their sleeves. Many have families to feed. Others have long-standing careers and retirement goals. No soldier or officer wants to go to the brig or face trial by court-martial.

I can think of a few people who SHOULD, though!

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