Are you prepared for the results of a DNA test?

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Will a DNA test bring you the answers you seek? Are you one of the thousands of people who can’t wait to find out all you can about your ancestry? Were you hoping to find a long-lost brother or sister? You might even need to find out whether your genetic predisposition can explain your health problems.

However, do not lose sight that the answers the ancestry kit provides may turn your life upside down. Furthermore, if you want to try a DNA test, it might be a good idea to obtain advice about the kit you choose. Similarly, you can have your dog’s DNA tested. What you learn would probably be less upsetting.

Let me share some surprising results.

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DNA test showed a different race

Brenda, a name I chose to protect her privacy, used a DNA ancestry kit to learn about her paternal heritage. She grew up as a Hispanic whose father committed suicide when she was a baby. However, what she learned was life-changing. The results indicated that her father was African-American and not Hispanic. Most importantly, her father did not commit suicide; he was still alive. She had to reevaluate her past and get used to the fact that her father was alive. Brenda said what seemed traumatic initially turned out to be worthwhile. It allowed her to learn to know the newfound family of which she was unaware.

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Twins had unborn aunt’s DNA

Another case seems like something out of a movie. Someone I’ll call Anne, had twin daughters. It’s not clear why she did the DNA test, but she probably learned more than what she anticipated. Strangely, the test indicated that she was not the twins’ mother. The results left Anne confused because it showed that her twins had the DNA of her sister.

However, Anne had no sister. Furthermore, she knew she gave birth to the twin daughters. She was sure of that. So how is that possible? It turns out Anne was also a twin, but she absorbed the fetus of her twin sister while they were in their mother’s womb. The DNA of her twin daughters came from their aunt, who was never born.

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Two friends were like brothers

Do you have someone who has always been a part of your life? So much so that they seem like family? They might be, who knows? Two friends, whom I’ll call Jack and John, were close friends for as long as they could remember. Without them discussing it, each one took a DNA test. The results showed that both Jack and John each had a half-brother. They would never have guessed it, but when arrangements were made to put them in touch, they turned out to be each other’s missing half-brother.

To sum up, be prepared to expect the unexpected if you decide to get a DNA ancestry kit.

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