Art Is My Pair of Rose-Colored Glasses

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In 2012, I went on my first cruise with my sister. The highlight for me was the art auction. Sure, they lured me with a free glass of champagne, but once I was seated in the audience happily sipping my bubbly, I was completely entranced by the auction, the auctioneer, and most especially the artwork itself. I realized that I needed it in my life…beautiful paintings with bewitching color schemes and subjects…  I wasn’t brave enough to partake in the auction. Nevertheless, I left the cruise with a debt of a couple of thousand dollars. I don’t regret it one iota because I learned a couple of things. First, don’t buy art on a cruise ship. It’s much more expensive than if you were to attend an art event on land. Second, I can’t regret buying art on the cruise ship because ever year since then, we have been invited to all-expense paid trips to even more art events!

Our first art bash took place at the beautiful Chateau Elan . I don’t currently live in a place that offers a lot of beauty or class, so the Chateau Elan was a wonderful escape from my normal dreary scenery. I found the entire occasion to be fun and uplifting. Every day, the auction room was set up with countless paintings…I lusted after all the artwork, imagining many pieces in various areas of my house. We were wined, dined, and entertained while completely surrounded by colorful, moody and inspiring artwork. That was heaven-on-earth for me, and I’ll never forget it. It was also very comforting for me to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. Sure, they were attached to spouses who seemed less than thrilled to be there, but their crabby energy was overshadowed by the energy of those like me–people genuinely excited to be there.

I left that particular bash with quite a handsome debt. It took me awhile to pay it off but I have no regrets at all. When I’m in my living room gazing at some of the artwork I bought, it never fails to put a little flutter of excitement in my chest. The art reminds me that not all things in the world are drab, frustrating, or boring.

Now, hubby and I are headed to our next event–this time, in Atlanta at the Ritz Carlton. Another all expense paid trip! This time, I will have to be a little more discerning about how much I spend, ergo, how long I’d like to be in debt. But one of my favorite artists will be featured: Romero Britto. Take a look at his work. I think we can agree that Mr. Britto wears a pretty special pair of rose-colored glasses, too.

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CJ Heath hopes that as you plug away at the Daily Grind, that you’ll remember to inject your life with art…something that calls to you–and just you–to help you remember there’s more to life than mowing the lawn and watching TV!

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