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Anyone who has not only survived but thrived through the past two years of chaos, mayhem and corruption gets a A+ in my book. It definitely hasn’t been easy. It’s too bad that we can’t give awards to all the hard-working people who have overcome and risen above all the daggers the tyrants have thrown at them. If I were in charge of accolades, there are a few people who immediately come to mind who deserve praise. Each of them comes from a unique background, meaning separate walks-of-life from one another. In my opinion, they are the best at what they do. Each of them encourages, inspires and supports their target audiences.

Now for a list of awards for best homesteader, tweeter, patriot advocate, famous mom, and more

If I were handing out awards to people for being best in their niche, my list would look something like this:

  • Best homesteader: Crystal, from wholefedhomestead, on Instagram is hands down the best source of information I’ve ever come across for home gardening, canning, self-sustaining/natural lifestyle topics. You can find her here, and I hope you’ll give her a “follow.” Crystal is a chiropractor by trade. Somehow, she and her husband, Carl, find time to grow a vast majority of the food they consume. For anyone like me who piddles around as a perpetual novice in a home garden, Crystal is THEEEE GURU of small homestead living! Her posts and videos are entertaining and informative. I simply never tire of scrolling her Insta!
  • Tweeter awards: I would give “best” awards for tweeting to several people. Most of them fit in the “political activist” category. A few post mostly personal things, with political commentary thrown in on occasion. Their tweets are snappy, sassy, clever, sometimes funny and thought-provoking. They hold me captive. So, without further adieu, my awards for best tweeters would go to: Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec), Joseph Flynn (@JosephJFlynn1), Kevin Sorbo (@ksorbs), Catturd (@catturd2) and Scott Baio (@ScottBaio).
  • The best patriot advocate I’ve encountered since this whole stolen-election-tyrannical-takeover-of-the-USA mess started is Garrett Ziegler. Garrett worked in the WH during the Trump Administration. He’s a young husband and new father. I’ve not seen anyone in his generation who is so politically astute and on point. He has spent hundreds of hours, if not more, digging deep and compiling documentation. Any and every patriot would want to view/read/know more about his work. I believe he has official accounts on both Telegram and Gab. He is the founder of Marco Polo research group.
  • Without question, I would give the award for best famous mom to Lara Trump! This is her Instagram page. She’s also the host of “The Right View.” What I love most about Lara Trump is the way she appears to try so hard to protect and preserve the innocence and purity of her sweet children, a son and a daughter. She purposefully and intentionally tries to give them as “normal” of a childhood as possible given the fact that they are Donald Trump’s grand-children. We all know that the Eric and Lara Trump household is an affluent one. I think this is what endears me most to her posts, which almost always focuses on her kids. They play in rain puddles and take their dogs for walks. At the beach, they dig around in mushy sand with a simple shovel and bucket. Lara posts “typical parenting moments,” including those filled with exasperation. Kids with PBJ all over their faces or a child climbing on mommy’s lap so she can’t even take a bite of her lunch, etc. Lara Trump also happens to be a BEAST in the physical fitness realm. She medaled in the Boston triathlon and can do more chin ups than a lot of men I know!
  • In a time when numerous governors sold out the American people, it’s good to acknowledge the ones who didn’t. This little pretend awards ceremony wouldn’t be complete without an award for the best governor. I would give this award to Ron DeSantis of Florida! Hundreds of people have relocated to Florida, just to get away from unjust mandates and tyrannical orders in their home states. In a move that is either laughable or infuriating (maybe both?) Nancy Pelosi herself has puchased a muli-million dollar home for retirement in Florida! It seems she doesn’t want to live by the rules she thinks the rest of us should have to live by! Anyway, kudos to Governor DeSantis! He has not backed down from leftists and has also proactively protected and defended the freedom of his constituents.

If you were giving out random awards, who would be on your list, and why?

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