Backyard playground ideas to be ready for next summer

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Backyard swing, happy boy

Having to stay at home throughout the summer was challenging for young and old. I can’t begin to imagine how parents with young children managed to stay sane. I know we are moving toward winter, but who knows what will happen next summer. I’ll share some ideas for creating a playground in your backyard. Most importantly, you’ll have the entire winter to plan it, and spring to build it, ready for summer fun.

Hanging chair
Do you have unused wooden chairs?

No playground is complete without one or more swings

Swings are synonymous with playgrounds. You can get simple instructions to build swings here. Make one or two for the kids, and you can even hang a wider one on the patio for the adults. Similarly, if you have old or unused wooden chairs, you could even make a few hanging chair swings for adults who supervise the younger kids.

Backyard, climbing wall

The kids will love their own backyard climbing wall

There is a variety of DIY videos for climbing walls, even some for the not-so-handy dads. You can use an existing wall and add the climbing holds where you want. I have even seen a backyard with a climbing wall made from an old door. If you have children in different age groups, you can cater for all. However, you may want to throw down an old mattress to prevent broken bones.

Wooden climbing wall, children
A less complicated version of a climbing wall

Add a chalkboard wall to your playground

To avoid having your children’s art on the driveway, put up some chalkboards along the backyard fence. But, make sure you cater to the tall and short among them.

Backyard. chalk board
Chalk board on the backyard wall

Bring a bit of the beach to your backyard

I have yet to see a child who does not like playing in the sand. If you cannot take them to the beach, imagine their excitement if you have a good size sandbox for them. Additionally, you could add a small portable pool because what is beach and sandcastle building without water?

Boy, sandpit
Bring a bit of the beach home

Build a badminton court

Badminton is the perfect game for both kids and adults and is very easy to build. Above all, your children will get much-needed exercise and learn how to be competitive and how to deal with both winning and losing. However, it is essential to have clear lines to mark the play area on the ground. Using durable, waterproof paint is the way to go.

Badminton, backyard
Teach them life’s lessons play-play

How about a backyard tepee

All kids love using furniture like chairs and blankets to build indoor tents. Imagine how thrilled they will be if you get them to help you create a backyard tepee. Learning through play is the best way to prepare your children for life. This project can teach them about the need to dig a rain moat and learn how to tie secure knots.

Backyard Tepee
Picture the fun in a tepee

Now for the more challenging features to make your backyard playground the talk of the town.

Build a zip line

I suggest only experienced DIYers tackle this one. As for other playground items, there is no shortage of instruction videos online. Even for backyards without trees. However, building a safe zip line is most important. You may have heard the tragedy about a girl in Minnesota who broke her neck while zip-lining in a friend’s backyard. Therefore, you may want to get an expert to help with this one.

Zip line, girl

Do you have a suitable tree in your backyard?

I remember how excited I was when my dad built us a backyard tree house many years ago. You can let your creativity lead you, and don’t forget to ask the input of the “customers.” Like the zip line, get help with the tree house if you are inexperienced. It must be strong enough to last forever and safe enough to let the kids play there without supervision.

Tree, house
A tree house promises hours of fun

Don’t forget about yourself

Next, I want to suggest you don’t build your backyard playground exclusively with the children in mind. There are bound to be adults to supervise younger kiddies. Imagine lounging in a hammock with one or more small water features. Undoubtedly, the calming sound of water flowing will be like your own retreat.

Hammock, woman

To sum up, you can adapt any of these ideas to suit your budget. Furthermore, you don’t need to do it all at once. Start with a few features that suit your children’s ages and add more as they develop.

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