Beat the crowds on vacation: Visit these 6 spots

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COVID-19 isn’t going to last forever. When travel is once again allowed, you might want to get out of your neck of the woods for a while and beat the crowds by heading to a place that isn’t already a prime destination for tourists.

You might do well to consider these six amazing spots that aren’t yet on every traveler’s radar:

England’s Lake District

This is a picture-perfect spot for a quiet, enchanting vacation. You can rent an old English cottage for a week or two, curl up with a good book or go for walks on wildflower-lined country lanes. If you’d like some company, you can be sure that every place has its own country pub which serves up pints and fish and chips.


With the accolade of being the world’s sixth smallest country, Liechtenstein is also one of the least visited. It’s not because it’s not beautiful. It is! It’s landlocked by Switzerland and Austria and surrounded by the Alps. Its mainly German-speaking residents are welcoming to visitors. It’s a lovely destination any time of year and the perfect area to beat the crowds on vacation.


The South Pacific is gaining popularity with travelers, but Tuvalu is still not as popular with the masses as some areas and yet it has miles of pristine beaches and turquoise waters. It is a peaceful place with very little crime, no armed forces and locals who still make deals with handshakes. Tuvalu is actually a group of nine tiny islands. Your time will be well spent under the shade of a palm tree sipping your favorite cocktail with your toes in the sand.

Granada, Spain

Instead of drowning in a sea of tourists in Barcelona, think about planning a visit to Granada. This city, in the south of Spain, is usually overlooked by foreign tourists. But, when you want to beat the crowds, you’ll still get the flavor of colorful markets and iconic architecture. It’s not called the land of a thousands castles for nothing. There are a number of affordable hotels and not to mention, the food is glorious!


Argentina and Brazil’s less popular neighbor, Uruguay, has a very sedate and relaxed capital city. Montevideo is replete with colonial architecture. It’s a very walkable city with beckoning beaches. And if you’re a wine connoisseur, Uruguay has quite the blossoming wine industry.


This is a must go if you want to visit Canada. Banff is gorgeous, but it attracts tourists by the droves. If you cross the Alberta border into British Columbia, Yoho National Park is also spectacular. You’ll still get the jaw-dropping beauty, but without bus loads of tourists, if you want to beat the crowds. You can play here too by taking a hike in warmer weather or snowshoeing in the winter. You might want to peacefully kayak on Emerald Lake (yes, the water is befitting of its name).

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