Before tell-all social media, journals were personal

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Before Facebook and similar sites on which people share even their most personal titbits, people kept personal journals, emphasizing personal. No one dared read someone else’s diary. In contrast, in a complete turn-around, social media keeps no secrets.

With that in mind, I want to suggest some subjects and images that might not be good to share during and after the holidays — even if only to spare others’ personal feelings.

Social Media gift
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Don’t use social media to brag about your gifts

It is okay for kids to share and compare notes about their gifts with friends. However, adults may want to consider the feelings of others. At this difficult time, many people are out of work. Their primary concerns might involve mortgage or rental payments, without reminders of your fortunes. It might be better to enjoy and appreciate your gifts without boasting about them on social media. Essentially, resisting to share it with the world, being sensitive to the feelings of those with little or nothing under their Xmas trees this year might make you a better person. Furthermore, advertising the flat-screen TV or laptop you received might be just what the criminals are looking for. They have learned to scan these platforms to ensure their chosen locations to break-is are worthwhile.

Unwanted Christmas sweater
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Don’t share your disappointment about unwanted gifts on social media

Remember that the givers of disappointing gifts also have access to social media. Is it really necessary to tell the world about one more unwanted sweater knitted by your mother-in-law? Similarly, it might be a good idea to keep to yourself the disappointment with the gift your spouse gave you. Even despite all your hinting. Making negative comments about gifts could cause family conflicts or hurt feelings. Instead, this is a time to focus on the value of those who gave you the gifts and not the value of the gifts.

Social media group selfie
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‘Tis the time to share more than selfies on social media

Are you addicted to posting selfies on social media? Posing in front of the Xmas tree, holding your gifts, your perfect plate of food and every other thing you did during the family get-together? Why not use this time to celebrate those who are dear to you? Take group photos that show how you and your loved ones enjoyed your time together.

Family friction

Keep family confrontation in the family

The strangeness of social distancing and lockdowns have tested the patience of many. Therefore, conflicts and arguments are not unusual, but they are personal. Don’t share the details on social media because long after you have forgotten about it, others will remember hurtful comments you made on Facebook.

In conclusion

Before posting anything on social media at this time of sharing, take a deep breath and consider whether anyone could be hurt by what you are about to share.

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