Benefits of going barefoot: Start grounding today!

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When one of my sons was a young boy, he became very ill. I mean, VERY ill. His older brothers found him crumpled up in the fetal position in the woods while they were all playing outside. That first “tummy ache” unraveled into a series of events that landed my child in the hospital. That, in turn, led to him being admitted to a university hospital in another state because no one could figure out what was wrong. A specialist diagnosed him with Yersinia Enterocolitis. This post is about the benefits of going barefoot. This first paragraph is to warn you NEVER to do that in an area where there is animal feces nearby!

Yersinia Enterocolitis is a bacterial infection in the same bacteria family as Bubonic Plague. Yersinia is a spirochete that basically drills up through the soles of your feet like microscopic corkscrews, then heads straight for your intestines. Thankfully, my son survived and fully recovered, but the doctor determined that he had contracted the infection from running barefoot in a field where our dogs often played.

Now for the benefits of going barefoot

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Don’t let the opening warning in this post keep you from heading outdoors in bare feet. There are definitely many benefits of going barefoot. You might have heard people refer to this practice as “earthing” or “grounding.” The earth has surface electrons that you are unable to connect with if you always have shoes on your feet.

Grounding (going barefoot) allows you to reconnect with the earth’s surface electrons. Studies show that a modern lifestyle has had a rippled, negative effect on human health. Reconnecting with surface electrons by going barefoot prompts certain physiological changes that are good for your overall well-being.

People report improved sleep among the benefits of going barefoot

Are you having trouble sleeping? Any number of issues might exacerbate such problems, such as an ill health condition, menopause or mental stress. One of the benefits of going barefoot is that it reportedly helps people sleep better. Many people say that grounding has also done wonders to help them alleviate chronic pain.

If you are sleep deprived, you might want to kick off your shoes (and socks) and walk around on the surface of the earth for a half hour to an hour each day. The negative potential of the mobile electrons may help regulate your sleep patterns.

Grounding may also help reduce free radicals and cortisol

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If the uncharged molecules known as “free radicals” gain the upper hand in your body, it can lead to cancer. Cortisol is a stress hormone. The combination of free radicals and cortisol overload in your body can be disastrous from a health perspective. The good news is that grounding may help keep free radicals and cortisol in check!

In layman’s terms, this means that when your bare feet come in contact with the earth’s surface, your body absorbs negative potential energy from mobile electrons. This absorption neutralizes free radicals and cortisol, which, in turn, reduces inflammation in the body, which is a really good thing.

Shoes separate us from the earth’s energy field

Nowadays, we typically travel by motor vehicle, not on foot. If we do step outdoors, we usually have shoes or boots on, which impedes our ability to connect with the earth. Several studies have been done that resulted in participants experiencing significant reduction in anxiety, depression and stress while enjoying improved sleep and less chronic pain after regular periods of grounding.

The benefits of going barefoot include an emotional uplift as well. It simply feels good to feel cool grass under your feet or to stand in a plot of soil. Even walking on hard ground can be enjoyable. And, who doesn’t like to walk in the sand or shallow waters of the sea?

Be careful when going barefoot

Going barefoot necessitates caution. In addition to the potential health hazards mentioned at the beginning of this post, you’ll also want to keep an eye out for objects that can cause injury. Check the area for stones or sharp objects like broken glass. Also, make sure the ground isn’t slippery where you’re walking.

Grounding is worth a try

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Those with diabetes or cardiac problems may notice benefits from going barefoot. If you happen to have a physically demanding job, then grounding might be something you want to try. Many people see grounding as mini-earth therapy sessions that not only help reduce stress and pain but also help increase energy levels.

If you’re wanting to learn more about environmental medicine and natural or holistic healing practices, you might want to start by learning more about the potential benefits of going barefoot. More and more people today want to avoid pharmaceuticals for good reason. Prescription drugs have wreaked havoc upon the overall health and well-being of millions of people throughout the nation. Just think, you might be able to improve your health by kicking off your shoes and talking a walk outside!



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