Beware of the WHO pandemic treaty

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Beware of the WHO pandemic treaty - The Hot Mess Press

An entity called the World Health Organization sounds nice in theory. Seemingly, this organization would focus on helping people stay healthy. But when you look into their history, and their newly proposed pandemic treaty, you might see the WHO differently. In America, our current regime has yet to sign this proposed treaty. But it would be disastrous for citizens of the United States if they do. The organization and those who support the treaty want to present it as a good and beneficial idea. One that would help countries around the world deal with health emergencies. But this is anything but true. Surely, no one thinks that a global organization should have the power to implement regulations that go against the United States Constitution. That’s exactly what this treaty would allow.

Beware of the WHO pandemic treaty - The Hot Mess Press

Global control during health emergencies

I think many Americans feel that our country should be making its own decisions during emergencies. We don’t need or want influence from outside organizations. Theoretically, we should have leaders that do what’s best for our citizens. Although confidence in current leaders is lacking, we surely don’t want to hand power over to global officials. The WHO constantly changed recommendations during the COVID-19 panic. It’s unrealistic for one global organization to be able to make realistic and helpful recommendations for countries around the world. Each nation should be allowed to handle things based on the needs of its citizens.

Beware of the WHO pandemic treaty - The Hot Mess Press

Should anything supersede the Constitution?

Our Constitution was designed to be timeless and to be the supreme law of the land. Our founders wrote it with the knowledge that in the future it would be challenged many times. Many people think the Constitution is outdated. This is very short-sighted. It was designed to protect all American citizens, even those who disagree with what’s written in it. We cannot allow the WHO to have powers that can take away those freedoms outlined in the U.S. Constitution. It would be a slippery slope towards authoritarian control. Once you submit to that control, it’s very hard to return to a free society.

So, what can you do? The World Health Assembly is being held from May 22nd through May 28th. Leaders from around the globe will be present to discuss the treaty. I know it often feels hopeless when we consider how little our elected officials actually listen to what the public wants. But does anyone want a redo of 2020-2021? With the WHO in charge, it would likely be much worse. With a supposed “monkeypox” outbreak on the horizon, think of the unconstitutional restrictions they could come up with. Call your representatives and spread the word. Those in charge here and around the globe count on the fact that most citizens aren’t informed of their plans. Inform yourself, tell others about the WHO pandemic treaty, and let those in power know that the American citizens want no part of it.

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