Biden administration refuses to speak to press or let the public comment

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If you’re interested in an unbiased overview of the first 100 days of the Biden administration, you can check out this series. Joe Biden has definitely garnered interest and curiosity among the general population; however, not for reasons that typical to a newly inaugurated president. For instance, most U.S. presidents schedule a press conference soon after they take office, then continue to meet and greet the press and answer questions throughout their presidencies. Not this president. Joe Biden has now been in office for 42 days and has not yet scheduled a single press conference. I and hundreds of millions of other people in this country and around the world are wondering why.

Why did Biden administration delete public comments and petitions pages?

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The American people are used to living in a country where their right to speak freely is protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Many things have happened since the Biden administration took office that place the protected right to free speech at risk. In some cases, it seems that Joe Biden is simply not interested in anything the American people have to say. This is evident in the fact that he has deleted the White House public comments and petition pages. Why? Wouldn’t it seem logical that a man who campaigned on a platform of desire unity in America would be open to hearing what U.S. citizens have to say? Doesn’t it seem odd that he would not continue to take advantage of advanced technology to allow people to share their opinions and petitions online as most other recent presidents have done?

Exactly how does the Biden administration define transparency and truth?

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When Joe Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, spoke to the press in her boss’s first days in office, she jovially proclaimed that the Biden administration is fully committed to bringing “transparency and truth back to the U.S. government, even when it’s hard to hear.” Publishing a list of petitions submitted by citizens, as well as public comments and a virtual log of public visitors to the White House are usual means by which an administration maintains transparency. In fact, it is customary for the U.S. president’s daily schedule to be published so that the American people can review it at will. I wonder why, then, has Joe Biden not publicly released his daily schedules? One Biden representative has reportedly announced the administration’s intent to publish in-person attendee lists for meetings at the White House. It hasn’t happened yet, though.

Lack of transparency regarding COVID-19 regulations and guidance

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Another rather odd thing the Biden administration did soon after taking office was to rescind an executive order signed by President Donald J. Trump that required transparency and accessibility to agency COVID-19 guidance documents online. President Trump required that such documents be made available and searchable. Jo e Biden, who has stated that he intends to rescind every executive order President Trump signed, has revoked the order that helps Americans, especially businesses and local governments, stay informed about COVID-19 guidelines and regulations. GOP senators issued a public statement, saying people have a right to know what is required of them. The senators further stated that they believe it is flat out wrong to say it is better for people not to know which federal rules apply to them. I agree with the senators. In light of these actions taken by the Biden administration, I have a difficult time understanding why a man who ran a platform based on unity and supposed transparency is exhibiting such a lack of transparency in office?

The Biden press secretary doesn’t seem to like transparency either

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It sparked a lot of controversy a week or so ago when press secretary Jen Psaki announced that reporters would be required to submit their intended questions ahead of time. Many people have said that, perhaps, Psaki did this so that she could have time to research the topics. Prior to announcing the requirement, Psaki had been caught off-guard many times during her meetings with the press. In fact, she so often had to say “Let me circle back to you on that,” due to being not well-versed on a particular issue, that it has become a colloquial phrase. People now joke when they don’t know an answer to a question that they will “circle back” in the future to the person asking it. Perhaps this is indeed why Psaki changed the rules and now requires reporters to submit their questions for approval ahead of time. That doesn’t align much with a proposed commitment to transparency; does it?

Will Joe Biden attend the G7 summit in the United Kingdom?

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The Biden administration has definitely not acted with transparency thus far. Capitol Hill has been on lockdown since the inauguration. Joe Biden has not held a press conference and doesn’t appear to have any plans to do so in the foreseeable future. The public can no longer comment or list its petitions on the White House website. Federal documents regarding COVID-19 guidelines are no longer available or searchable. Reporters have to obtain approval ahead of time before they can ask a question to the press secretary. The president does not allow the American people to review his daily schedule, not does he allow us to see who is visiting the White House or attending virtual meetings with him.

If these things are odd enough, you might be surprised to learn that Biden’s press secretary says she is not sure if her boss plans to attend the G7 summit in the United Kingdom in June, 2021. WHAT?!? Jen Psaki says the decision will be based on COVID-19 restrictions. That’s strange, however, especially given the fact that many states have lifted all restrictions and are opening to 100% capacity in business. In fact, most business owners and citizens are ready to restore normal life and do away with COVID-19 restrictions that are not only ineffective but have cause economic, as well as mental and physical health problems throughout the country.

Such announcements merely fuel concern among hundreds of millions of people, who have begun to question whether Biden is even fit to govern. His lack of transparency is concerning, as is his open support of the Chinese Communist Party. Any person who possesses logical and critical thinking skills might view these and other troubling issues regarding the Biden administration as signs of a tyrannical takeover in the United States. Time will tell.

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