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ALERT: The following post contains adult themes and mentions issues that are not appropriate for children.

These are certainly tumultuous times in our beloved United States of America. Millions of people became frozen in disbelief on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 when President Donald Trump was on the verge of an election victory and the vote counting process mysteriously came to a screeching halt on live TV. The resulting drama continues to unfold as POTUS and his legal team file lawsuits in numerous states claiming that they have irrefutable evidence of corruption and voter fraud against the Trump campaign. These events have been coupled with (Joe) Biden news where he himself has claimed a victory and several mainstream media venues have supported his claim. Readers will want to note that, at this time, the counting of votes is not yet complete and there has been no official “calling” of the election for either of the candidates.

The Democratic Party has taken it upon itself not only to claim a victory in the Oval Office but to publicly celebrate as though such a victory has actually taken place. In the meantime, there is some very important Biden news that seems to have been forgotten, at least by some although definitely not by all.

Biden news includes criminal investigation in Ukraine

One of the headlines that shocked the world during Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is explained in the following  video clip:


The country of Ukraine has named former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden in a criminal investigation. The charges against him state that he promised $1 billion to Ukraine officials in exchange for terminating then Prosecutor General Victor Shokin   Shokin from office. Shokin claimed Biden forced his termination because he was investigating Burisma Holdings, a company that employed Biden’s son, Hunter.

More Biden news that appears to have been swept under the rug

As if that’s not enough to raise concerns as to whether or not Joe Biden is fit to take the seat in the Oval Office, additional incriminating evidence came shortly thereafter, which also appears to have been placed on the backburner while Biden and his campaign stage celebratory (although unmerited) speeches claiming a victory over the incumbent president Donald Trump. Listen to the phone conversation featured in the following clip where Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko tells Mr. Biden that his office could find no wrongdoing or corruption on Prosecutor Shokin’s part. He then tells him that he requested his resignation anyway because he understood it as a requirement to receive the $1 billion Joe Biden promised him as a loan on behalf of the United States. Listen to this:

Why have so many people disregarded this Biden news?

No one is legally guilty of a crime unless proved to be so in a court of law. However, the fact that Joe Biden, who was Vice President of the United States at the time this alleged bribery took place, has been formally criminally charged in the Ukraine should definitely not be news that goes by the wayside. Mainstream media should be ALL OVER THIS, every day, until it is legally resolved. Why aren’t they?

And let’s not forget the awkward touchy moments

Numerous women, including Alexandra Tara Reade, who worked as a Biden aide in the 1990s, have come forward stating that Mr. Biden touched them in inappropriate ways that made them feel invaded or violated.  Reade says Joe Biden sexually assaulted her. There have been numerous accounts given that appear to substantiate her claims.

Reade says Biden penetrated her with his fingers when they were alone in an alcove. She also says she was fired from her job because she had made plans to report the then senator’s alleged crime to the proper authorities.

Many incidents involved children being touched

There are a great number of videos and photographs in circulation that show Joe Biden stroking children’s hair, placing his nose up against their heads to sniff their hair, rubbing their cheeks, necks and shoulders and placing his hand on the lower backs of many young women.

I have watched many of these videos, and I will say this: If a grown man touched any one of my daughter’s in such ways, I would immediately step in and tell him to stop. I don’t care if the man in question were a senator, a vice president, a president or a king. The children and women in the videos appear obviously disturbed and troubled by their situations. It speaks volumes. Why has so much of this Biden news taken a backburner?

We haven’t mentioned the allegations that involve Biden’s son, Hunter and a laptop that reportedly contains thousands of images of sexual assault and child pornography. There are claims that Biden was pimping his own son out to leaders in China and other foreign countries. Every American should be concerned with these issues. Instead, mainstream media is helping Joe Biden make false claims that he is a U.S. president-elect when the votes are not even done being counted, and numerous lawsuits have been filed claiming Biden and his team have committed election fraud. These issues should be front page news. It’s proof of the mixed-up world we live in that they’re not.


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