Biden’s latest failure: Afghanistan

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Biden's latest failure: Afghanistan - The Hot Mess Press

I won’t pretend to know the answers about what should be done in Afghanistan. But, I’m not a politician who has been serving in Washington for decades. And I’m not a former Vice President with experience in dealing with conflicts in the Middle East. While Joe Biden was off on vacation, there was chaos in Kabul as the government was forced to flee. Now that Biden has actually left the basement and made a statement, he had the nerve to blame President Trump. It seems that each thing this administration has failed at, and let’s face it, they’ve failed at everything, is all Trump’s fault. Now, Biden’s latest failure leaves the Taliban in control with thousands of refugees quickly heading to America.

Incompetence with deadly consequences

President Trump had a plan to safely remove Americans before completely pulling out of the country. The plan was to remove the people, then remove the weapons and equipment, and lastly, to hand control over to the trained Afghans. According to the former chief of staff at the Pentagon, Kash Patel, the plan was methodical and well thought out. The Trump administration turned over the detailed plans to the new administration. But, these plans were ignored. The latest news out of Kabul suggests that the Taliban may have taken over the airport. They are possibly seizing passports and not allowing people to leave. The blood that will be shed in Afghanistan is on the hands of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They had the intel to perform this withdrawal in an effective way and they flopped. Just like they flopped with everything else they’ve done in the past 8 months.

What happens now?

We’ve had troops in Afghanistan for decades. War-mongering presidents in the past benefitted greatly from keeping a constant presence there, while our men and women in uniform died for a cause that seems pointless now. I’ve read countless stories of people who were stationed in Afghanistan and who lost friends and fellow soldiers, and for what? They know the truth. These are the people who should be consulted on the best way to withdraw from Afghanistan. Trump had a plan in place and Biden screwed it up. And you know who benefits from this? China. It almost always comes back to China. Joe Biden is a puppet of the CCP and he’s going to do what benefits them most. Just look at his history.

America is in a serious crisis. We do not have competent leadership. Those in charge of our country are not reliable. They don’t have the interests of America at heart. Our current regime chose to listen to communist China, and now Biden’s latest failure has put America, and the Middle East, in serious danger.  We can’t support these refugees coming into our country when we already have thousands of illegal aliens crossing the border every day. We don’t have the resources to support these people, nor is it our responsibility to be the world’s savior. The United States is quickly spiraling out of control. Without someone to step in and do what’s best for America, the future seems dismal.


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