Birthday gift ideas for teenagers got you stumped?

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My family has six September birthdays. One belongs to my husband, and two to my grand-daughters. The other three birthdays are two   daughters and a son, all of whom happen to be teenagers. Come February 11, I will have six teenagers living in my home although one is away at college part of the year. I want to share some birthday gift ideas for teenagers for those of you who are new (or simply struggling) at this.

There comes a time when all the Barbies, Shopkins, G.I. Joe dolls and Matchbox cars are packed away, given away, sold at yard sales or donated. You’re suddenly met with a task you’ve never undertaken before — choosing a birthday gift for your teenage son or daughter. Such occasions can be simple or complex. My own family has always strove for festive simplicity. I guess you can say I definitely am one of those parents who believe younger kids are just as happy playing with cardboard boxes and wooden kitchen spoons as they are with the latest, greatest new gadgets on the market.

Your teenagers might appreciate these birthday gift ideas

Once your child turns 13, and especially if he or she is 15 or older, a shift takes place. The child is yearning for independence. Our goal as parents is to acknowledge the man or woman inside the child. The gifts we choose can reflect that. The following list includes birthday gift ideas for teenagers that have been big hits in our house:

  • If you have a little extra money to spend and it’s a milestone birthday, such as 13, 16 or 18, your birthday gift ideas might include pre-purchased tickets to a hit movie. Get a ticket for your son or daughter and several of his or her friends. You can also include money for popcorn and a drink or for a pizza before or after the movie!
  • Do your teenage daughters enjoy experimenting with cosmetic trends? A gift card to a higher-end cosmetic boutique (like Sephora or Ulta) is bound to be a hit!
  • Where do your teens love to eat — perhaps Panera Bread or Chick-fil-A? Gift cards to these or other favorite restaurants make great birthday gift ideas for teenagers.
  •  My kids absolutely love when I give them shopping money for designer discount stores like Ross or Marshalls.
  • Is your child saving money for a car? You can contribute by gifting money to help him or her get closer to the goal! If he or she already owns a vehicle, a prepaid gas card is a thoughtful gift.
  • A teenager might enjoy receiving a brand new, fully stocked toolbox if he or she is into building things.

You can add special touches such as attaching gift cards to ‘stems’ to look like flowers in a potted plant. If your teenager is the adventurous type, you might consider hiding gifts for a scavenger hunt or Geocache style.

Non-gift card birthday gift ideas

How about helping your teenager check an item off his or her bucket list? If you know there’s somewhere your teen wants to go or something he or she has always wanted to do, you can make it happen. Other great birthday gift ideas for teens include horseback riding outings, concert tickets or a room makeover. If your teen is an exercise enthusiast, he or she might like a gym membership.

Athletic teens love Under Armour. Artistic teens might appreciate some high quality brushes, paints and other art supplies. Whether your son or daughter is into gaming, robotics or is more academically minded than spirited, you can customize your birthday gift ideas to fit his or her lifestyle.

Birthday gift ideas for teenagers that keep on giving

Many teens are becoming more financially focused. You can help them plan for their future by purchasing stocks for them. Savings bonds and other investment options make great birthday gift ideas for teens as well.

Your teenager is still your baby at heart

Don’t be afraid to include some childhood favorites just for fun. Favorite candies. T-shirts with favorite cartoon characters. Comfy pajamas, a blanket and slippers. Is your teen away at college? Try these ideas for fun in a box that also help him or her experience love from home! They want you to acknowledge their increasing maturity but they also want to know they don’t always have to be super focused and serious about life. Everyone needs a little R & R!

Be creative. Have fun with it, and let us know what other great birthday gift ideas for teens you have by sharing them in the comments!

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