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Summer 2023 is winding to a close. Students and teachers are returning to school. Families are taking their final jaunts to the seashore. Everyone is having as much fun as they can before cooler months and rigorous schedules set in. While all this fun is occurring, however, there is a fearmongering voice lingering in the shadows. It is saying things like, “Beware of the ‘next’ pandemic,” and “COVID is making a comeback with a new variant.” This post is here to tell you to plug your ears. Don’t let them scare you. More importantly, don’t let anyone (especially the news media or government) tell you how to live your life or take care of your health. This post is here to tell you that there are ways to boost immunity—natural ways that don’t involve injecting untested chemicals into the body.

Autumn usually kicks off with millions of people throughout the country suffering seasonal allergies. Winter then makes an appearance and with it comes whatever strain of flu happens to be circulating this year, in addition to some other potentially serious illnesses like RSV, pneumonia and bronchitis. And, yes—COVID. If it exists and is a virus, it’s not likely going to go away. It will circulate in various strains, just like influenza does. These ailments are all avoidable if you have a strong immune system.

Boost immunity instead of wearing face masks

The so-called powers that be and their news media fearmongering assistants are already trying to scare people into wearing face masks again. There has been a plethora of scientific evidence published in recent years to show, not only why face masks are not effective at preventing viruses like COVID, but how they can actually impair human health, especially for those in high risk groups, such as children, people with asthma or other breathing problems, and the elderly. Human beings need to breathe freely. Instead of trying to somehow boost immunity by wearing face masks and getting injections that have not been properly tested and have been shown to cause serious health problems, including death, consider trying some of the ideas shown in the following list to strengthen your immune system:

  • Stop bad habits, such as smoking, vaping or excessive use of alcohol.
  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle by walking every day for at least 20 minutes or engaging in other whole-body movement.
  • Try not to eat processed food, especially white, processed sugar.
  • Eat whole foods, including fresh fruit (lots of berries) and vegetables, especially leafy green ones, every day.
  • Stay adequately hydrated with water. (You can’t have strong immune system if you’re dehydrated.)
  • Get direct sunlight exposure every day; it is essential to good health.

If you were to challenge yourself by incorporating one idea per week into your daily lifestyle, you could boost immunity and enjoy better health in just six weeks! There are always going to be illnesses, many of which are contagious. It doesn’t mean that a government should usurp your right to make decisions about your own health.

Take control of your own health

The year 2020 and the few years that followed were an utter disaster. Most of the deaths that occurred happened because available treatments were denied to patients and improper treatments were administered. People like Anthony Fauci (who belongs in prison) have already publicly stated that they know there is another “pandemic” coming. Instead of hiding away in our homes, why not try boosting immunity through natural means ahead of time, so many illnesses can be prevented, and people will be strong enough to overcome the ones they get?

Disclaimer: The Hot Mess Press and its writers are in no way responsible for any consequences that occur if a reader tries an idea mentioned in this post.


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