Breakfast Egg Recipes: My Favorites

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As stated in a previous post, I love eggs. Eggs are inexpensive and a good source of healthy protein. I especially love eggs for breakfast and here are some of my favorite easy breakfast egg recipes.


Once upon a time, I thought to make an omelet was a long task and not doable for most mornings. It is not the case. Omelets are relatively easy and quick to make especially if some prep work is done ahead of time. To make omelets quick, I wash and chop up some veggies ahead of time to be easily cooked in the morning.

When I am ready to cook, I choose enough chopped veggies and saute them in a frying pan in a little olive oil. While they are softening(this only takes a few minutes), crack 2-3 eggs in a bowl and whisk. Once veggies are warm and softened, remove from heat to a plate. Next, add butter or margarine to the pan. Melt and spread throughout the pan. Pour in whisked eggs. Once eggs appear to be cooking mostly through, add veggies meats and/or cheeses as desired to half of the cooked egg. Flip the other side over and place omelet on a plate.  When I have chopped veggies, the whole process takes me 10 minutes or less.

Scrambled Eggs

A mom of 6 recently stated that she often scrambles eggs for the week ahead of time. She and her kids then warm the eggs up on busy mornings. I was very skeptical of this process because warmed up eggs could not be tasty. I was wrong.

While making another recipe, I stumbled on an easy way to make a large bag of scrambled eggs. To make a large batch of scrambled eggs to last a few days, mix 10 to 18 eggs in a bowl. Add about a cup of milk or more and whisk all together. Add cheese. I am personally not great at measuring, but at least a cup of cheese is best. This method will not be good without cheese or milk. Lightly grease a baking dish with Pam cooking spray. Pour in eggs and cook at 400 degrees

I do not time my eggs, but it should take about a total of 20 minutes. I do not time them because once the eggs begin to cook and harden, I reach in the oven and stir or scramble the eggs some to help the eggs cook evenly throughout. Do not overcook because the eggs will dry out and not be good to warm up later. The result? A large batch of scrambled eggs placed in the fridge that can be quickly scooped out and eaten for a quick filling breakfast throughout the week.

Eggs Over Medium

Eggs over medium are likely one of the easiest egg breakfast recipes that I make. It is my go-to recipe for most mornings.

Simply warm a pan over medium heat. Next, add butter or margarine to the pan. Once melted, crack the egg in the pain. Aim to leave the yellow intact. Cook until the white has hardened. Scoop a spatula under the egg and flip it to cook the other side just enough to harden it. For my kids, I usually bust the yellow right before I remove it from heat because they are skeptical of anything runny. I personally like to leave the egg runny for myself.

We eat the eggs alone, with toast, oatmeal or grits.

How do you eat your eggs?

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