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Eating has become a dangerous pastime in America. Unless you grow your own food, you’re basically taking a risk every time you put a meal on your table. Not only is much of the produce on store shelves contaminated with high levels of toxins, there has recently been other problems in our nation’s food supply chain, as well. Just this past week, they recalled several food products. Officials instructed the public to immediately throw away their food, if they happen to have any of the products listed in the recalls. There didn’t appear to be any offer to refund people’s money, however. They could, at least, give people their money back when they made an honest purchase and, by no fault of their own, had to throw their food away.

In case these officials don’t know it, food is expensive and costs have skyrocketed since Biden ‘took’ (a term I mean literally) office. The last thing the average family in America needs to hear is that they have to throw away the food they just bought because someone in the supply chain didn’t do their job right.

Food products being recalled are staple items in many households

How often do you buy onions at the store? I grow my own onions each summer, and this year was especially glad I had done so. Onions are among three food products on recall lists this week. Several hundred people were hospitalized after eating contaminated food. At least 20 more more people fell ill after dining at the same restaurant chain, which is why government agencies investigated. They determined that onions contaminated with salmonella were making people ill. Approximately 650 people spanning 37 states became sick after eating onions that were distributed in the United States and Canada.

Mexico was the country of origin for all of the recalled onion food products. The following list includes brand names on the list:

  • Big Bull
  • Peak Fresh Produce
  • Sierra Madre
  • Markon First Crop.
  • Markon Essentials
  • Rio Blue
  • ProSource
  • Rio Valley
  • Sysco Imperial

If you bought onions under these brand names between July 7, 2021 and September 8, 2021, then you should know that they have been recalled. Throw them away. If you or your loved one became ill after eating such onions, then you’ll want to report it.

Pork and lamb on recall, too

Food products containing pork, namely porkskin snacks, have also been recalled because processors distributed without inspection. That’s right. There are pork food products in your grocery store this week, if you live in Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Washington or New Mexico, that were never inspected for safety. Surveillance activities reportedly uncovered the problem.

As if the possibility of purchasing pork food products that have never undergone a safety inspection isn’t bad enough, there’s more. In Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, Missouri and New York, frozen raw lamb shoulders are on recall. A lamb shoulder can cost anywhere from $18 to $85 or more! You’ll be glad to know that these lamb shoulders did get inspected — but, only the first time around. They’re supposed to undergo a second inspection and that’s where the team dropped the ball. The items went through shipping on July 12, 2021.

If you have frozen raw lamb shoulder in your freezer, pitch it.

Last week, we did an article about shampoo products that contain known carcinogens. Just as the average person shouldn’t have to worry about developing cancer from washing his or her hair, neither should we have to fear salmonella or other illness from buying food in our local grocery stores. There’s no excuse for skipped inspections or food making it through inspection that is infected with dangerous bacteria that can make people severely ill or worse. Once again, there’s no better time than the present to start growing your own food!

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