Camping Trip Cooking: We Loved It!

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My family just completed our second camping trip. I never grew up tent camping and my husband grew up camping in an RV. Needless to say, tent camping is new to us.  We have eased ourselves into camping since we have had little experience.

On our first camping trip, we only took snacks and did not cook on our campsite. We learned very quickly that eating all three meals in restaurants was not only expensive but time-consuming. We decided on our second camping trip to have some meals on the campsite. Our three meals included our dinner upon arrival and breakfast on both days.

If you need some ideas of things to try, check out our first meals on our camping trip.

Arrival Meal

On both trips, we arrived around dinner time. On our first trip, we prolonged dinner to set up our campsite before dark settled in leaving us eating dinner with three kids at dark in a restaurant. In addition, our kids were not thrilled to leave the campsite as soon as we had arrived.

For our second camping trip, we had a quick dinner ready to be prepared on site. The day before our trip, I pan seared thin sirloin steaks and sliced them in small strips. The steak strips, a container of shredded cheese, tortillas, pre-packaged guacamole and salsa were all packed.  While we set up the tent and our kids rode bikes around the campsite, I warmed up the meat on the skillet. Tacos were quickly ready to eat with cut up watermelon and chips and salsa on the side.

While dishing out or meet, I realized I packed too much meat for one meal of tacos. The leftover meat, lettuce and cheese made easy wraps for picnic lunches the next day.


My kids and I love a good healthy hearty breakfast. We were fortunate on this trip to stay at a campsite that raised chickens and sold fresh eggs to campers. Prior to our trip, I baked a package of bacon and sausage and roasted some red and sweet potatoes. On both days, I portioned out a little bacon, sausage and potatoes to warm on the skillet. Because both bacon and sausage contain significant fats,  they are excellent pre-cooked foods to be heated up.

Once the meats and potatoes were warmed up, eggs were cracked and cooked on the skillet. Paired with some fresh fruit, our tummies were full and happy following our first meal.

I felt our first experience cooking while camping was a great success, and we look forward to trying other meals on the campsite. For other camping tips read this post.

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